Document for Hong Kong incorporation

Company Documents to set up new Hong Kong company

What do you receive when incorporating in Hong Kong?

You may customize all orders as you wish.   If you chose Options 1 or 2, you receive the Certificate of Incorporation and the Business Certificate as e-documents, which you may then print out as hardcopies.  Option 3 provides the Certificate of Incorporation and the Business Certificate, but also the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and the NC1 shares certificate.  Option 3 includes these as e-documents, as well as sending you hardcopies of each.

Free documents  (not clear how the par. below refers to ‘free documents’–are these forms for changing what’s listed?)

Once your company’s registered, you may change company address, director, or secretary, and also revise various details as shown in the list below.  You may download the appropriate official forms free of charge.   Regarding shares, you may submit Return of allotments, Return by a company purchasing its own shares, Notification of increase in nominal share capital, Statement of payable share commission, Notification of application to the court for the cancellation of a special resolution, Statement of redemption or purchase of shares out of capital, Notification of change of share capital structure, Statement of compliance on reduction of share capital.

Commonly used forms

•          ND2A Notification of Change of Secretary and Director (Appointment/Cessation) – download

•          ND2B Notification of Change of Particulars of Secretary and Director – download

•          NAR1 Annual Return – download

•          NR1 Notification of Change of Address of Registered Office – download

Free Download Documents 

•          NSC1 – Return of Allotments  – download

•          NSC2 – Return by a Company Purchasing Its Own Shares  – download

•          NSC4 – Notification of Increase in Nominal Share Capital  – download

•          NSC6 – Statement of Payable Share Commission  – download

•          NSC9 – Notification of Application to the Court for the Cancellation of a Special Resolution  – download

•          NSC10 – Statement of Redemption or Purchase of Shares Out of Capital  – download

•          NSC11 – Notification of Change of Share Capital Structure  – download

•          NSC12 – Statement of Compliance on Reduction of Share Capital  – download


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