A nominee director, a non-executive director, or an independent director is someone who acts as a non-executive director on the board of directors of a company, on behalf of another person or entity.  Simply put, a non-executive director has no authority to make any corporate decisions.  Such a directorship allow these persons additional privacy, as their names appear neither on the Memorandum and Articles of Association nor the NC1 share certificates.

The Hong Kong jurisdiction allows a corporate body to be named as a nominee director of another company. E.g. BVI entity International Business Company (IBC) is a director of its Hong Kong entity Private Limited Company.


How does this work?


As the shareholder, you elect our representative to serve as manager/officer/director for your Limited company. We have no authorization to sign any contracts or represent the company in any other respect. Immediately after we obtain the necessary documents for you, we resign from the position.   If you need a bank account opened, we resign immediately afterwords.



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CONFIDENTIALITY–Today’s competitive environment means companies who don’t safeguard their information soon find themselves at a disadvantage.   This is especially true in regions where ideas and research are fair game.  Startupr keeps your information strictly confidential, never sharing your name or your business concepts with other clients.