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Startupr is dedicated and experienced in setting up businesses for our clients. Our clients come from all over the world from industries of different sizes and backgrounds: including the IT sector, services industry, consulting services and many others. We strive to complete each engagement efficiently and effectively, to suit each of our clients needs. We are highly grateful to our new clients and appreciate the loyalty of our existing clients.

Why Choose Startupr?

Startupr strives to set ourselves apart from others by providing excellent service to our customers, and help them start and grow their businesses. Some of these qualities are as:

  • Transparent Pricing: All our prices are clear and transparent. Every detail about the pricing is mentioned clearly. Due to our efficient system, our rates are lower when compared to other companies providing the same services. There are no hidden fees throughout the process.
  • 100% Online: Our efficient online system ensures that all the procedure is fast and prompt. The entered information is checked on the same day. After that, our system sends your data automatically to the Hong Kong Registry Forms and is submitted to the government.
  • Creative and Flexible Approach: Our approach towards company registration in Hong Kong is creative and flexible. We assist you in case of any unexpected difficulties. We can deal with any kind of challenges along the way. Also, we easily adapt to the changing situations.
  • Proven Honesty & Reliability: Our team members are consistent, reliable and honest. You can depend on us for your company set up requirements in Hong Kong.
  • Unwavering Focus on Client Satisfaction: Our motive is to make all the efforts to make our clients satisfied in all aspects. We go out of our way to provide our clients with the best service. We take our client’s feedback into action.

All of these qualities make a difference to entrepreneurs launching and growing successful companies.

Our Story Directly From Our Founder

When I founded Startupr, I sought a way to make the most convenient online portal where entrepreneurs could get faster, clearer, and more reliable information about starting a business in Hong Kong, and how to manage it online. We created the SameDay system, a clean, simple, and efficient way to register a company in Hong Kong, no matter where you might be. And this can be done in less than 24 hours! We’ve expanded our services so clients can let us help manage what they’ve created by choosing only what they need. Again, 100% online.

We know the difficulties of running a business, and how to lift some of the burdens. We formed our own firm here in Hong Kong, and know the ins and outs, the details that can swallow valuable time and energy better spent on building your enterprise. We provide our clients with the widest possible array of world-class corporate services. Our ability to deliver services that meet our client’s expectations are based on our extensive experience in this industry locally as well as globally.

We have also expanded our global reach with the acquisition of a US company,, with office locations in Nevada and Wyoming. They specialize in company formation and business development, servicing clients for nearly twenty years and helping launch more than 15,000 companies. This acquisition was important for us to provide the best services to our clients anywhere in the world.

Now we are sights set on developing our Back Office system, an all inclusive software system that lets business owners control their company’s details and filings, completely online. This software is aimed to streamline the process between us as your company secretary and the business owners. You can incorporate your company, change contact & company details, view important filing deadlines, upload and download company documents, and order additional services on your own through our system. This allows you more flexibility and saves you time. As our system is currently in the Beta stage, we will continue to develop our system to provide the best service to you.

Forming a company is only the beginning. We can help support your venture in Asia with the fastest, most experienced solutions. Hong Kong itself can be the key to starting a successful business in Asia, and even worldwide.

Startupr is TCSP Licensee No. TC007820 of Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers, Companies Registry.

About the Web

Know where we stand on the web here:

Hong Kong Business Magazine recently named Startupr Hong Kong Limited as one of the “10 Best Start Ups to Watch”. This recognition has motivated us to be more dedicated and efficient in our work.

The speed and simplicity of our unique SameDay system is second to none. Expressly designed for swift incorporation, SameDay submits your application directly to a 24-hour portal of the online HK government Registry. This is the service that is rarely available with any other company.

About Our Founder

Tomas Milar is a seasoned expert in company formation, as well as corporate governance and administration. He has helped new entrepreneurs start, structure, and run their businesses all over the world. His extensive knowledge of compliance and due diligence has proved highly valuable, particularly for corporations & bank account opening.

He is a member of the European Parliament of Entrepreneurs. His business goal is to make Startupr as one of the leading business set ups in Hong Kong and internationally. He also plans to expand our services with the acquisition of IncParadise, our US based company formation provider.

Please feel free to contact Startupr whenever you need any help or advice for setting up the company in Hong Kong.