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Proxy (De-registar)

A proxy grants the authority to represent someone else.

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A proxy grants the authority to represent someone else. This proxy(de-registrar) is used to act as the de-registrar on behalf of the company to close it down. As normally only the directors have the ability to de-register the company, this proxy is used to file all the necessary documents and processes on behalf of the company.

A proxy is normally only limited to a certain task, as stated in the agreement, and does not expand to all matters on behalf of the company. The terms of this certain task would be outlined in the agreement between the party and the proxy. This process involves a power of attorney to execute the matters for the company, as in the de-registration, and other legal matters that go along with this.

The de-registration of a company can involve several steps and documents to be submitted to close a company down. This process can involve more complicated document filings in the case a company has existing debt or other outstanding issues. This is the reason why a proxy is needed to act on behalf of a company for de-registration purposes, in order to expedite the process, without the need to consult with the director for each document filing.

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