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Obtaining a Hong Kong office address

You would need a registered office address for the company for all the important government and business mail.

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Every business owner faces important decisions that need to be covered when setting up a company in Hong Kong. Having a sound business plan is crucial for providing a yardstick for future performance and also a framework for the coordination and the decision making of the business. You must also be sure to keep an organized accounts of the business, and be on top of the necessary company filings and deadlines. This may include knowing when to seek a professional such as your company secretary or accountant when things get out of hand, or you need better advice for your company. Finally, you would need a registered office address for the company for all the important government and business mail, and for use to register and incorporate the company.

Startupr is glad to help people who want to own a company in the Hong Kong. With our assistance and guidance, you can prepare all the important things needed for your new business from the legal paper works to the address of the office.

Here you can find out about obtaining a Hong Kong office address for your new business.

Hong Kong Office Address

It is vital for you first to decide the company’s business address in Hong Kong before you begin to form it. And if you want Startupr assistance, you can either use our address as your official registered address or get another address by us as per the plan you choose.

There are two plans with Startupr that includes the fulfillment of the Hong Kong office address service. If you want to use our address as your official registered address at first, you would have to hire Startupr as your Company Secretary.

Applying for the Mail Forwarding Address

Any mail that comes to Startupr on your behalf is scanned and entered into the systems that we have on a daily basis. You have the choice of letting us know which articles need to be scanned and which shouldn’t.

You can have all the posts that come in scanned in the system automatically. On the other hand, you can also choose to have some selected mails scanned and saved. This would be done by letting us know about the package before it arrives at our office.

There are many affordable and flexible plans for the re-mailing service with us at Startupr and they are as follows:

  • The first plan is for $0, as you would be able to get our office address noted as your company’s registered address in Hong Kong. After the legal issues have been cleared or whenever you are comfortable, you can easily change the address to another address of your choice.
  • The second plan is the Moderate Mail Forwarding plan where you pay $380 per year for the business address and $95 credit. In this, you would get a street address and a re-mailing service by Startupr where your mail and packages would be forwarded to you daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your choice.

In case you decide to sign up for the mail forwarding services with us, you would be given an ordinary street address of the Startupr office building. The mailout fee that is there in the plans is just a one-time charge for the mail we get and forward to you during a period as per the plan policies. You can choose to store, scan, or send out mail to your address through either the Hong Kong registered post or through courier services with DHL. We keep your mail for up to 60 days at our office, so you can have us send the digital scanned copies of your mail to you first, and choose to send the physical copies of your documents later, at one time.

Our Fees for Mail Forwarding & Scanning

  • Mail Forwarding Plan: $380
  • Standard Mail: $25
  • Scanning & e-mailing from $1 USD
  • Courier via DHL: $95

The mail forwarding service starts at $380 per year, with the minimal credit of $95. Let us take an instance, where if we receive ten mails on your behalf and you choose the option where we forward these to you once in a month. You would only have to pay the fee for this service plus the additional fee for the postage. For more details on this, Startupr teams is more than happy to help you with it.

Why a Hong Kong Office Address?

The Companies Ordinance of the HK Government requires HK businesses to have a registered address in Hong Kong to receive necessary mail from the Hong Kong government and business partners. If you do not have a Hong Kong office address as of yet, you can use the address of Startupr with a small annual fee. We will notify you when your company receives any government letters, free of charge, and also our services for handling these documents.

Also, the address declared in the corporate application form will be the same address of the registered office of the company with effect from the date of incorporation, as affirmed in the Certificate of Incorporation of the business.

Why choose our service?

There are many benefits that you get with our services and at a very low price. The reasons why you should choose us for the services are:

  • Startupr charges are very low for just $285 per year and hire Startupr as the company secretary with a the registered address.
  • You get notifications from us about any due date for each entity like the annual return, business registration certificate, profits tax returns, etc.
  • The system in Startupr helps you track the due dates for companies, to avoid any unnecessary late fees.
  • There is a unique SameDay system of Startupr that assists you in filling out the form online so that you can get the company incorporated within a few hours.
  • Our Backoffice system allows you to track your company details and filing dates, as well as the mail for your company.

Startupr must be appointed as your company secretary to provide these services.

What we offer

There are three main services under the services offered by Startupr for the business address in Hong Kong, and they are:

Company address for New Company

Every Hong Kong business needs to have a local Hong Kong-registered address for the firm as per the Companies Ordinance. On the order form, you can select the choice of using the address of Startupr as your registered address. Moreover, we would also be able to take care of the complete post-incorporation process.

In case you want to file all the paperwork yourself and just need the address of Startupr as the registered address, choose it accordingly on the order form. Also, Startupr advises that if there is any unauthorized use of a company address, including ours, this must by law be notified to the Companies Registry of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (S.A.R.).

Change of Registered Address

This order form is for the companies who want to change their current Hong Kong Address to the Startupr’s address. There is a specific process for this, and it has been shared below:

  • Order Online
  • We prepare and sign the paperwork for the change of the address. As the company secretary or director, you sign the alteration of the address notification form.
  • You can sign the hard copy form and post it to us where we would file it after receiving it or we can change the address online through the Companies Registry, as per your choice.
  • We move ahead with changing the Hong Kong office address for your company.

Renewal for Existing Clients

Those clients that are already registered with us can renew their Registered company secretary service, around the time of the anniversary date of the company. With the renewal of the registered company secretary, companies will continue the use of our location as their registered address. They can also choose to use their own address for their business, or upgrade to our business address and mail forwarding at any time.

Startupr advises you to avoid companies that are there to trick you about the low pricing of their agencies for helping you to get a Hong Kong office address. These organizations eventually increase the price later on for the requirement of the Hong Kong registered address, making things difficult for you.

With Startupr, the pricing plans are very straightforward, and there are no surprises about the pricing and no hidden charges applied later on. We provide multiple services for the registered and business address for your companies, and flexibility of options for you. With our assistance for a Hong Kong office address, we can get your company on the right track.

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Fee – CR e-Document filling NR1 – USD 150, Resolution of Director(s)/Shareholder(s) – USD 55

Conditions: Please note if you set up the company with Startupr, you are provided a registered address, but the Company’s Secretary’s registered address does not automatically thereby become your company’s “business address”. Unless you have specifically engaged us to forward your company mail (other than government communications as above), and proper paperwork is filed, the Startupr address may not be used as your business address.

To clarify: For each mail sent to your firm by the Government of Hong Kong, emailing the scanned copy is free of charge. In case you need any mail that is addressed with the name of the company, but that is sent to our address, it constitutes unsupported use of the registered address. We can engage you for our business address services, or offer a one-time mail out service for these documents.