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We check the name availability through The Cyber Search Centre of the Integrated Companies Registry Information System (ICRIS) provided by Hong Kong Company Registry (CR).

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What is a limited company?

A limited company is is a form of incorporation that limits the amount of liability of the company shareholders. The limited company can be limited either by shares or by guarantee.

The limited company in Hong Kong will also enjoy all tax benefits and concessions including a free trade arrangement with Mainland China.



Rules for Choosing a Company Name

1. Free to use
The name you intend to register cannot be already in use. You can easily check the name availability of the name our Company Name Check tool.

2. Language
The company name can be either in English or in Chinese or in both languages.  However, a combination of Chinese and English characters is not possible.

3. Limited
The company name in English shall end with “Limited” (Limited in English or its equivalent in Chinese). Ltd is prohibited.

4. Government Names
Names which can give the impression that the Hong Kong company is connected to the government or any government department is not allowed.

5. Correctness

Using any names that could be offensive or otherwise contrary to the public interest or its use would constitute a criminal offence, is restricted.


Company Name Change

If you wish to change the company name after incorporation,  you will have to pass a Special Resolution to the Registrar. The new required free name must be delivered within 15 days after passing of the Special Resolution together with A Notice of Change of Company Name.


Company Structure

For every newly formed company, you will be required to appoint at least one director who is a natural person and one company secretary.

The director is not required to be a Hong Kong resident.

The registered office of the company must be in Hong Hong.

Startupr will not reserve the name or file the entity with the Company Registry of Hong Kong  until you have placed an order, so get started today to ensure your desired business name is not registered by someone else.

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