Apostilled documents

Apostilled documents are created for documents for making them legally recognizable in a foreign country.

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Apostilled documents are created for documents specifically for making them legally recognizable in a foreign country, other than Hong Kong. The purpose of this is to have a document or certificate legally verified as true by the Hong Kong High Court.

This must be done by the High Court in Hong Kong. These are for public documents bearing the true signature of an official party such as a Hong Kong SAR Government recognized officer.

Examples of official documents to be apostilled would be:

For incorporated companies in Hong Kong, these apostilled documents would be used for bank account use or other official use for the company. Normally other jurisdictions would not allow a certified copy of documents, and would need a more official apostilled documents for official use for a Hong Kong company.

The documents to be apostilled for Hong Kong companies could include the Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, NNC1, Business Registration Certificate, Certificate of Change of Company Name, Certificate of Continuing Registration, etc.

If you require apostilled documents for your company for official use such as bank account openings, Startupr can assist you with these documents. We provide both apostilled document services and certified copy for companies. Feel free to contact us on how to get these documents for your company.

One set of Apostille Document (include NNC1, BRC, AA, Inc Cert) Apostille of Document (per document – e.g. PoA, COI, COGS)

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