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We offer an array of services to fit your business needs.

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Startupr is your one-stop service provider for company formation and company services in Hong Kong. We offer an array of services to fit your business needs, and provide a convenient way of starting a business in Hong Kong and managing it online for new entrepreneurs. You get to register your company efficiently in Hong Kong, no matter where you live in the world.

There are numerous services that we have got to offer, making us a complete one-stop service provider. We know exactly how we can help the establishing entrepreneurs with effective business solutions. We have incorporated thousands of companies, and have the experience in supporting ventures with the best solutions in today’s world.

Company Incorporation

Startupr makes the company incorporation in Hong Kong easier for you. It lets you register your company online in Hong Kong using its SameDay system that directs clients order directly to the HK Government Company Register.

Once your company gets registered in Hong Kong, we will provide you the documents so that you can easily conduct your business and even open a corporate bank accounts in Hong Kong or around the world. You only have to select that option in the order form for your company. We provide the same prices for every client, whether a local resident in Hong Kong or not.

Company Restructuring

Company restructuring is the process for the reorganization of the ownership, legal, operational, and other structures in a company with the aim for a more organized and profitable company. It may include changing the director, adding a new director, transferring of shares to a new shareholder and the issuing new shares.

There can be many reasons for a company restructuring like a change of ownership or its structure, a response to a crisis, demerger, or big change in the business such as repositioning, de-registration, or buyout. Startupr offers services for a smooth transition in your company restructuring, so you can focus on more important things.

Obtaining a Hong Kong Office Address

Deciding the place where you want to set up your business should be the foremost task when you are planning for your company’s formation. You can choose Startupr’s address located in the heart of downtown Hong Kong as your business address and set it up easily. We offer simple and clear pricing for all customers with no surprises.

As you must have a Hong Kong address as per the HK Government’s Companies Ordinance to receive mails from the government departments, Startupr can act as your registered company address. Even if you would like to choose our business address for your company, you do so for a small annual fee.

Providing a Hong Kong Company Secretary

As required with all Hong Kong incorporations, companies set up in Hong Kong must have a corporate secretary that will be responsible for the company particulars, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance and representing the firm in legal documents.

It is very easy to set up a business in Hong Kong for anyone. All you need is a director, secretary and physical address location for your business. Startupr can provide you with the registered office address in Hong Kong together as your company secretary, so that you can efficiently manage your company. We pride ourselves in providing timely and efficient services for handling all company matters, and official filings to the government for all our clients.

Filing of Annual Return Form

An annual return form is an important document that contains all the important information about the company that is required to be delivered by any Hong Kong company to the Companies Registry of Hong Kong SAR. It is to be delivered at least once in a year.

You can contact Startupr for assistance to fill in the form with the company renewal. We charge a very reasonable price to fill your form. We would only need your basic details and some information about your business finances that needs to be mentioned in the form.

Filing of Employer’s Return

If you are unable to fill the employer’s return form, Startupr can help you in that. We have proved helpful to many companies who had been looking for outsourcing the filling of their employer’s return forms. With your details, we can easily fill the forms and provide you with the perfect insight into reducing your taxes legally.

Documentation Preparing

If you find it difficult to prepare your company documents, Startupr can help you in the matter. You may give us the responsibility of the documentation preparing of your company and we will take care of the documents. We can help you in preparing your documents of the notary, Apostille, and certificate by CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

It can be a bothersome task to prepare all your documents for your Hong Kong company, especially when you are new to the place. Plus you may not be familiar with all the documents needed to each filing. You can choose us to prepare your legal documents to achieve remarkable cost efficiencies, timeliness and quality.

Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is important for a company in handling all the paper mail. Startupr is here to provide you with the best mail forwarding services that will let you access your mails in a timely manner. You can choose our address as your registered company’s address. We can receive mail on your behalf and notify you every time we will receive your mail.

You are offered a lot of options to decide how you want to schedule your mail out, whether daily, weekly or monthly. You can also decide to scan and send your mail to your before posting it to your address. You will always get notifications after we have sent you your mail.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Startupr offers bookkeeping and accounting services to its customers who are looking for outsourcing their accounting services requirements and taxation to experts in the field. We take the responsibility of your accounting so that you can focus on strengthening your business areas. We aim at minimizing costs and delivering superior results to our clients.

We ensure that you have tax-ready financial statements whenever required. You won’t have to bother with any of your accounting services when you have hired us for the same. We can make it all easy for you so that you are always able to concentrate on enhancing your business and minimizing tax liabilities for your company at the same time.

De-Registering a Company

De-Registering a company in Hong Kong requires a certain pre-defined procedure that is often troublesome for most, and can be confusing if it’s your first time. Startupr can help you as we well-versed with the procedure and know exactly what documents need to be filed. We will organize all the documents and procedures for your to easily understand. You must also make sure that the company must not have any outstanding liabilities or late filings, and all its members must agree to the de-registering of the company. Having all this information about your company business will be easier for us to de-register your company in a timely manner.

Registering other types of companies in Hong Kong

Electing the right business structure is as important as choosing the business structure. If your business structure is not matching up the objectives and ideas of your organization, then there are more likely chances that you have to face the failure stage.

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