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Business Licence Service IN Hong Kong

The business permits and licenses in Hong Kong will be issued as per the nature of the business activity.

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Even though thinking of business ideas is a challenging task, the real game also starts after that. You need to gather all the important documents and information in order to operate your business properly.

In fact, you are also required to have the necessary business licenses and permits. So, if you want to set up your business in Hong Kong, then it is pertinent for the business owners to get the required licenses and permits.

The business permits and licenses in Hong Kong will be issued as per the nature of the business activity. The Hong Kong agency or government department will be responsible for the issuing of these licenses. However, in Hong Kong, not every business is required to have a business license or permit. It all depends on the type of business you choose to conduct in the freest economy of the World.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do in Hong Kong is to get registered your business with the Companies Registry. Without this, you can lodge your application in Hong Kong for the necessary business licenses and permits.

Common Types of Business Licenses and Permits in Hong Kong

Below shared are some of the common businesses that need to get a license or permit in Hong Kong.

Travel Agency

If you want to start a travel agency in Hong Kong, you are required to apply for a ‘Travel Agents License’ with the Travel Agents Registry. With the help of this license, you can offer travel or tour packages (including transportation services). Here are some activities that you can perform through Travel Agent’s License permits:

  • Arranging for hotel or resort accommodation
  • Selling or arranging transportation tickets
  • Organizing a group tour or package tour

Employment Agency

The agency involves recruitment and placement services to other employees; then you also need to apply for a business license in Hong Kong. You will need to get a ‘License to Operate an Employment Agency’ from the Labor Department. If you think about what kind of company fall in the category of an employment agency, then below shared are some:

  • Headhunting or executive search companies
  • Foreign domestic worker agencies
  • Local and foreign staffing companies
  • Construction worker agencies


You can also open a restaurant where foods and drinks are sold with obtaining a ‘General Restaurant License’ from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. Before you apply the license, you have to finalize your place of operation, as the authorities will inspect the premises before approving the permit.

If you want to serve alcoholic drinks in your restaurant, then you will have to apply for a ‘Liquor License’ from the Liquor Licensing Board. One thing that you need to understand that you will only receive a liquor license when your premise has been issued with a restaurant license, and the liquor license would only be valid when the premises remain licensed as a restaurant.

Additionally, you may require the following licenses or permits based on your business needs:

  • Karaoke Establishment Permit, Bakery License, Permission for Outside Seating Accommodation, License for Storage or Manufacture of Dangerous Goods, Import License, Restricted Food Permit, Food Factory License, Permit to Sell Food using Vending Machine etc.

Financial Services Company

In Hong Kong, the business licenses and permits for the financial services company will depend upon the type of business you want to operate. The below examples of the types of business licenses and permits may help you:

  • Related licences from The Securities and Futures Commission will be needed if you have any of the 10 types of regulated activity, i.e. Dealing in / Advising on securities / futures contracts, Providing automated trading services, Asset management, Leveraged foreign exchange trading etc..
  • Money Lenders License will be needed if you operate money lending business.
  • Money Service Operators (MSO) licence for any person operating a money service is required to be licensed with the Commissioner of Customs and Excise (CCE).

Looking to apply for your business license?

You should have a better idea about some common types of business licenses that you need to get before commencing any operations for your business. Do you want to start a business in the freest economy of the World? Let Startupr help you!

Please contact our experienced and professional team when you need any further consultation for your application. Our professional consulting fee will be charged at hourly basis.

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