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Incorporate Hong Kong Limited company

Your company can be incorporated entirely online, and Startupr provides a full range of services.

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After you have decided that you want to set up a company in Hong Kong, and decided its name, the next step is the application of the limited company. For the Hong Kong company incorporation, the company would be registered in the Companies Registry, also called the CR in Hong Kong. This is the official government agency for companies in Hong Kong.

This is where Startupr comes in and assists you, with all the steps where you can easily set up a company in Hong Kong. Your company can be incorporated entirely online, and Startupr provides a full range of services from setting up your company, fast incorporation services, and assisting in opening a company bank account. We also provide other services relating to business address and mail forwarding, accounting, taxation and compliance.

Find out about all the details here for the formation of a company in Hong Kong.

Advantages of incorporating a company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known as one of the top cities for starting and running a business because it performs well in terms of business priorities. Here are some benefits behind its continuing success:

  • Favorable Tax System: Hong Kong firms face low taxes. They are only taxed on income generated in Hong Kong at a rate of 8.25% to 16.5%, and they do not have to deal with VAT, dividend tax, Capital Gains Tax, Withholding Tax, or Sales Tax.
  •  Strong Economy and Trade Opportunities: Hong Kong has a strong economy, creating good business development conditions. The city provides numerous trade opportunities, although prohibitions exist on importing certain goods, such as alcoholic beverages and cars.
  • Access to Mainland China and the Bay Area: Businesses in Hong Kong can easily reach mainland China and the Bay Area through agreements like CEPA, promoting smooth trading activities and market expansion.
  • Limited Liability: Owners of businesses enjoy limited liability where their assets are safeguarded in case anything goes wrong with the company or legally related matters arise.
  • Full International Ownership: In Hong Kong, entrepreneurs can possess 100% of their enterprises without a local partner.
  • Strong Legal System: The legal system followed by Hong Kong, based on English common law, is powerful in protecting rights concerning intellectual property (IP), patents, trademarks, etc.
  • Access to Talent and Services: This city has an abundant skilled workforce and necessary services, which are crucial for running various types of businesses.

Hong Kong Incorporation Fee

There are two plans that Startupr has to offer for a Hong Kong company incorporation and registration. You can choose accordingly and even customize the packages by selecting the service that is needed only for you. Here are the main plans to set up a company in Hong Kong with the help of Startupr:

Startupr supports new companies – Get $136 Off

We support first time founders in their businesses. As our client, You get exclusive $136 off for your new company. We love all entrepreneurs and since the government has raised BRC fees we feel you need some relief. Take advantage of this offer thanks to which you can start your business in Hong Kong from $699.


Government fee and Digital Documents included

Everything in a digital set to get you started!

  • Appointment Of startupr As Your Company Secretary
  • Registration At The Companies Registry
  • Digital Set Of Incorporation Documents
  • Registered Address
  • Completely Fast & Digital Payment Account Application
  • Manage and maintain your company shares using our App, Eqvista!
  • Free consulting and unlimited support (use knowledge of our auditors and consultants)
  • Bank Consultation For Business Account



Government fee and Digital Documents included

Everything in a set to get you started & more!

  • Includes ALL Items From The Digital Package
  • Registered Office Address & Mail-Forwarding Services
  • CPA-Certified Company Documents
  • Professional Accounting & Tax Advice
  • Customized Solution


Company name check and Place order online

Before your Hong Kong company incorporation, you will need to first check if the company name is available or not. The following are the steps explained briefly:

  • Go to Startupr’s Company check page
  • A page will appear in which you would need to fill in the name that you have selected for the company and then click on the “Submit request” button.
  • Due to the Startupr’s exclusive and fast system, you would be able to find out whether the name is available or not within seconds.
  • The next step is to either fill up the form online to order for the Hong Kong company incorporation or just download and complete the form to send the softcopy at Startupr’s email address.
  • The Backoffice of Startupr gathers all the information for submitting to the HK Companies Registry through the Startupr’s own access point.
  • After we receive your application, Startupr would begin with checking if the forms are correctly filled to ensure that there are no errors. In case there are any mistakes, you would be notified about it immediately.
  • The last step is to complete the payment process for the application, and your company will be formed.

Fast incorporation service

The expedited incorporation service is another additional service that Startupr offers clients who wish to form their company much faster than the normal incorporation. These services have to paid for separately if you want to open a company within 24 hours. You can add select this option when you are incorporating your company.

The expedited incorporation services that you can select from Startupr have been explained briefly below for you understanding:

  • In case your order or payment reaches Startupr before 10 A.M. as per the Hong Kong Time that is +8 Greenwich Mean Time, your application can be processed within a few hours.
  • With the Backoffice in Startupr, you can easily enjoy the fast service of round-the-clock access of Startupr to the HK government Companies Registry (CR) office. This enables us to submit the application that you have sent directly from our own channel.
  • It takes about three hours for the electronic issuance of the company documents after Startupr has sent them to the CR office.
  • Both Startupr and you get the e-documents of the Incorporation Certificate and the Business Registration Certificate holding your new company name and company number.
  • As soon as this is done, you can start the business procedures and run the company efficiently, anywhere in the world!
  • We get the digital version of the documents ready from CR like the Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, NNC1 form and the Article of Association. As soon as they get to us, we email them to you along with the other company documents prepared by us, so that you can print them out and then sign it to return the soft copy back to us.
  • If you select the expedited courier service for certified documents, this will let the documents to be certified by Certified Public Accountant (CPA) within two days. Just to make it a bit clear, we cannot guarantee the processing time for the CR, but when it comes to Startupr’s services, we are highly reliable and swift in the process from our end.

Steps to Incorporate Hong Kong Limited Company

There are several steps involved in the Hong Kong company incorporation process, which need to be followed for a smooth incorporation. These steps are important when setting up a company. Each has been shared briefly below for your understanding.

Set up your Hong Kong Company from abroad

There is no need to be a citizen or resident of Hong Kong to begin a business. Moreover, there is no need to be physically present in Hong Kong as well. As soon as the company has been established in Hong Kong, Startupr can assist you to internationally authenticate (apostille) the company documents for you to open a bank account and begin earning profits in the business. We can also provide CPA certified company documents for bank account openings in Hong Kong.

For the service of getting these documents, you would need to select this from the order list to get it, and the cost is the same for both a foreigner and a local in Hong Kong.

Creating a new company with Startupr is EASY

Startupr offers the freedom to you where you can easily build your business while we take care of the administration work. Without losing time in frustrating delays, or navigating the complex foreign process, you can easily run your company with the help of Startupr.

With Startupr, you can be sure about great communication, privacy and efficient services. Everything is kept confidential and your business name will never be shared with anyone except you.

Our special software

The Backoffice in Startupr does not only rectify the errors in the application that you prepare but also helps fill in your information on remaining documents automatically. Our separate online Backoffice system helps you keep track of your company, and be aware of all the company particulars, and annual filings all in one place.

Startupr also notifies you with a reminder for the annual filing and also uploads the documents to the Companies Registry database of your account there. With this, you do not miss anything important ever.

How do I get in on this?

Click on the “Register Company Now” button that is at the top of the page, and select the services that you want Startupr to provide to you. Startupr has made it convenient for you to just share your email address and let us do the work of setting up your company for you.

If you want Startupr to take care of everything from the formation of the company to the bank account opening, you can select the complete package and enjoy the benefits. You can also choose accordingly, as the order form has the option where you can customize what you want from a package or create your own package.

As soon as you are done with the form and have made the payment as per the plan you requested, our Backoffice gets your data to convert into HTML code and send it to the HK Companies Registry to form your company. All the services are online with low prices due to the high efficiency of our system.

Provide documentation

The documents that are needed for this process are the scanned copies of your passport(s) and proof of residential address. This proof of residence can be a bank statement, utility bills, rental contract, driver’s license, etc. This document is required by Hong Kong Companies Registry for setting up a company.

Company successfully incorporated in Hong Kong

After the process of the incorporation has been completed, you will get the official documents from the Hong Kong government so that you can apply to open up a bank account. This would include the Certificate of Incorporation, NNC1 – Incorporation Form, Articles of Association and the Business Registration Certificate.

As soon as you have all these documents and the Hong Kong company incorporation has been done, you can move ahead with the bank account opening with the hard copies of the document. With Startupr you can be sure that everything has been taken care, all documents prepared for with all your information and data kept confidential.


FAQs on Hong Kong Limited Company Incorporation

Setting up a Hong Kong limited company has many benefits such as reaching worldwide markets and getting tax breaks. Ready to start? Check below our FAQ for quick answers and begin your incorporation journey!

What are the distinctions between a private limited company and a public company?

In a private limited company where the transfer of shares is restricted, there can only be a few shareholders; in contrast to this, public companies allow trading their shares freely on stock exchanges.

Public firms also have to meet strict reporting standards.

What are the requirements for annual filing by a private limited company?

Every year in Hong Kong, an Annual Return has to be filed with the Companies Registry containing updated information about directors, shareholders (members), share capital, and charges over assets, among others.

What is the purpose served by the Articles of Association?

The Articles of Association set out how things are run in a company. They provide details about its internal processes and structure, like the appointment of directors or keeping financial records, etc.

What classes of shares can you issue as a private limited company in Hong Kong?

You can issue ordinary or preference shares that may carry special rights.

The nature/class and voting rights attached should be stated in the Articles of Association.