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Hong Kong Company Transfer – Secretary Services

Looking to move on from your old company secretary? Searching for an efficient, fast and affordable company secretary for your Hong Kong Company?

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Have a limited company in Hong Kong and looking for a company secretary? Or perhaps you have a company secretary with your company, but you are unsatisfied with their services? If so, Startupr is one-stop-shop for all business owners who want to manage their business and be compliant with the laws in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is seen as Asia’s regional business hub and international service sector. And because of its open trade policies, easy company incorporation procedure, tax-friendly policies, free business environment, and excellent infrastructure, Hong Kong has attracted foreign investors and businesspeople to incorporating their company here.

Looking to move on from your old company secretary? Searching for an efficient, fast and affordable company secretary for your Hong Kong Company? If so, look no further than Startupr! Having us as your company secretary makes it easy for you to ensure your company meets its legal obligations.

But before giving you a full introduction about Startupr, you need to understand what a company secretary is and why they play an essential role for companies in Hong Kong.

What is a Company Secretary in Hong Kong and why you need one for your Hong Kong Company?

In order to register a limited company in The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, all entrepreneurs are required to have an Article of Association, company name, copies of directors’ and shareholders passports, physical address, a business structure, and most importantly a company secretary.

They are not personal secretaries, but they assist you with the important filings and communication with the government. More importantly, you cannot be the company secretary of your own company; it must be a person ordinarily reside in Hong Kong or a licenced Hong Kong company.

Also before choosing your company secretary, make sure that they have a license from the Registrar of Companies under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance (“AMLO”).

With effect starting 1 March 2018, whether it is a trust or company service provider (TCSPs) in Hong Kong, or firms offering company secretarial services, they need to have the license.

In fact, the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance mandates every company incorporated in Hong Kong to retain the services of a Company Secretary or company secretarial service.

Moreover, the policies, regulations, and laws guiding business activities in Hong Kong are becoming more complicated over time. So, having a competent company secretary on board for your company is more important than you think. If you want to navigate your company in the increasingly complex legal and regulatory business environment in Hong Kong, then you need to make sure that your organization always stays on the right side of the law and regulations.

What are the Duties of Company Secretary?

The company secretary is the bridge between the company and the government. As a bridge helps passengers reach their destination, a company secretary acts as a link to comply with all the laws and regulations of the HK government.

Let’s look at the duties of Company Secretary in Hong Kong

  • Preparation and filing of the Annual Return.
  • Provision of a Hong Kong resident company secretary as required by HK company law.
  • Preparing documents of all the appointments and resignations of directors.
  • Keeping a track record for the transfer of shares.
  • Monitoring changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment.
  • Liaising with lawyers and auditors.
  • Preparing agendas and taking minutes of board meetings and annual general meetings.
  • Processing the deregistration of companies.
  • Attending to other statutory corporate compliance issues.

Do you want to change your Company Secretary in Hong Kong?

Are you currently not satisfied with the services of your company secretary? Is your company constantly late on government filings, or piling up on late filing penalties?

Startupr is here for you. We will make the process easy while ensuring that your company meets all important legal filings.

No matter the complexity, Startupr will help you in dealing with all the legal obligations. We will review the current status of your company and see what steps are required to get your company in good standing. After this, you can transfer to us and we can get your company back on track.

All you need to do is follow a simple process. Below are the steps in more detail:

  • Firstly, you need to request us to act as your company secretary.
  • Once we receive your request, we will plan the steps required for changing your registered company secretary.
  • As soon as we are done with the preparation of all the documents required for the transfer of your company secretary, as company director, you will need to sign the change in company secretary notification form. This can be done all online too.
  • After the registration is complete, Startupr will then be your new company secretary.

Why choose Startupr?

We know that getting the right company secretary for your company can be a difficult task, especially for people who have never been to Hong Kong. We pride ourselves in providing a straightforward, effective, reliable, and highly efficient method for your company.

We provide a full range of our specialized corporate secretarial services to our clients. As a professional licensed company secretary (TCSP license number “TC007820”), our goal is to provide the best solutions for our client’s needs.

Firstly, we help to estimate whether the company strategy is meeting with the statutory requirements of the Hong Kong jurisdiction. After assessing all the requirements, we also provide information about the latest and relevant corporate laws, regulations and analyze the impacts facing the company.

It’s all about cost effectiveness!

Startupr offers you low rates with full cost effectiveness. The reason behind this is the simple yet effective system, communicating with our international clients in a more straightforward, clear, and reliable way.

What’s more, our quick and easy filings will help you in dealing with your other company’s operations, rather than worrying about the filing of your company documents. In short, we will manage all these document filings so you can work on your business!

As your company secretary, we will remind you

  • To renew the Business Registration Certificate via email 1-2 months prior to the due date so that you can remain updated.
  • To file the annual return (NAR1) which includes the list of officers & directors. This must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of the initial registration date.
  • To assist in filing the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that must be held within 18 months of incorporation.
  • To notify you about due dates for each filing

Startupr will gladly serve as your trusted company secretary with our years of experience in the field. Most importantly, we are a one-stop-shop striving to provide high-quality services for all your company needs. Rest assured that your company will be taken care of with Startupr as your company secretary.

We also provide mail forwarding and business address services to help you with receiving and sending mail for your Hong Kong company.

So, now that you have a better idea about Startupr to assist you as your company secretary!

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