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Complimentary Services

Form your company with Startupr, Complimentary services worth $1,190 for your easy start!

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The goal of offering complimentary services is to provide value to potential customers and build strong, long-lasting relationships with you. By offering complimentary services worth $1,190, we differentiate ourselves from competitors and we strive to help our customers start their business in Hong Kong.

Startupr Complimentary Services

Startupr Complimentary Services are a bonus for our clients and their newly incorporated companies in Hong Kong – Feel free to join and use our services, register your company now!

  • Registered office plan – A registered office plan is a service that provides businesses with a registered office address for official correspondence from government agencies and other legal entities. Our address, which is located in the heart of downtown Hong Kong, for company registration purposes. The Registered office plan is provided at the time of company registration.
  • Free Bank Account Guidance (DBS Bank Application) – We will help you submit one application with DBS bank as part of Complimentary Services for a new company in HK established by us. Please note that company account opening takes at least one month once DBS banks fully receive all your documents and that DBS bank will review the applications and decisions are made solely by DBS, and Startupr does not take responsibility for the bank’s decisions.
  • E-Company documents – These documents are typically provided as part of a company formation package or service. It includes Incorporation documents such as a Business Registration Certificate, Article of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Register of Members, Register of Directors, Register of Significant Controllers, Register of Company Secretaries, Organization chart, Share Certificate, and Minutes of the first meeting). E-company documents will be sent by email or stored in our back office system online here, no physical documents need to be kept.
  • Business documents – We offer certain business documents for free to our clients. This includes NDA, Employment Agreement, etc.
  • Compliance alert of your company – Our services don’t stop after setting up your business in Hong Kong. In fact, we would also help you in staying up to date with your company’s operations. Our systems will send reminders and let you know every important filing date and you never miss. For example Annual return, PTR return, Employer’s return, etc.
  • Business Tax Consulting – Our professional accounting and bookkeeping team has years of experience in handling the company’s accounts, we can answer your questions about accounting and taxation.
  • Company Compliance Guideline – We are here to help you with everything related to compliance for your new business in Hong Kong and provide businesses with a basic set of guidelines.
  • Capitalization Table in EqvistaCap Table management may be challenging, which is why we are collaborating with the equity management platform Eqvista. You can get unlimited free consulting services with the Eqvista team on setting up a cap table and distributing shares to founders, investors, and employees. The Eqvista app is free and easy to use. Eqvista is our sister company – you will get the same amazing service as from Startupr.
  • Equity Management Guidelines – As managing stock ownership can be difficult, we provide some general recommendations that will be useful to you early on. Distributing company shares to founders, employees or investors can be difficult and we are happy to guide you through this process on Eqvista.
  • Customer support – Customer Support is always our priority, We are here for you and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Get expert assistance for incorporating your Hong Kong company!

Looking for some extra services for your company incorporation like a registered office in Hong Kong, business tax consulting in Hong Kong, or bank account opening in Hong Kong? Choose Startupr, the leading incorporation services provider with remarkable experience and expertise in Hong Kong regulations and laws. We helped thousands of businesses establish their presence in Hong Kong and offered a range of services to help your business thrive.

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