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Certificate of Incorporation & Incorporation Documents for Hong Kong Company

Order – Certificate of Incorporation & Incorporation Documents

Startupr can slash the incorporation process to 24 hours when you apply the expedited incorporation service. If you are not in a rush, we normally take three to five working days to complete the entire process. Once the company is successfully registered, we will provide you with the Certificate of Incorporation and other incorporation documents in order to commence the operations.

Certificate of Incorporation

Companies Registry issued the Certificate of Incorporation to the Limited company once the company formation application is officially approved.This certificate has a standard design and published in both Traditional Chinese characters and English. It is an official certificate with the signature of the Registrar of Companies.

What Information is Contained in a Certificate of Incorporation?

From top to bottom the key items covered in this certificate are as follows:

  • Number of Registration
  • Type of Certificate – Certificate of Incorporation
  • Official Company Name in Chinese, English or both
  • Date of Establishment

Does every Hong Kong-registered entity have a certificate of incorporation?

No. There are many business entities in Hong Kong, such as a Sole Proprietorship, Limited Partnership are not issued with Certificate of Incorporation, but only a Business Registration Certificate. Among all the different types of entity in Hong Kong, only limited liability companies (the majority of companies in Hong Kong) are issued with this Certificate of Incorporation.

Other Important Incorporation documents

There are some other essential documents that you need to know- Article of Association (AA), Incorporation Form (NNC1/NNC1G), and Business Registration Certificate (BRC).

  • Article of Association (AA) – It is a document which forms the constitution of the company. Under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) (“the CO”), all the business owners are required to apply for these fundamental constitutional documents.
  • Incorporation Form (NNC1/NNC1G) – This document is basically required for all limited company by shares or by guarantee in Hong Kong. This form includes- information about your company’s registered address, company secretary, particulars of directors and founder members (shareholders), company structure and authorized share capital.
  • Business Registration Certificate (BRC) – It is a document which states the businesscompany’s particulars and information, also. It is a must-have certificate for conducting business in Hong Kong. This document shows that the company is valid to operate business and registered within the Inland Revenue Department.

Need Some Help?

Need some help to get Hong Kong Incorporation Documents? Contact Startupr today only. Our friendly and helpful staff will help to arrange all the documents. Startupr is jam packed with experienced, professional, trustworthy, and the best in the field team members when it comes to everything about incorporation documents.

Order – Certificate of Incorporation & Incorporation Documents