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Business Address & Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is the newest trend and a more convenient way of handling your paper mail.

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Deciding where you want to set up your business in Hong Kong is a matter of thought. You need to wisely dedicate your time and resources to look for the perfect place for your business formation. Consider this as this will be viewed by others for the location of your business, and serve as a basis for an image of your company.

Startupr lets you use our company’s address as your government registered address, and even to set up the company’s business address from it’s location in downtown Hong Kong for your business operations and mail forwarding.

Mail forwarding is the newest trend and a more convenient way of handling your paper mail. We let you keep in contact with your mail, no matter where you are in the world. Whenever we receive mail, we notify our clients through our Backoffice system directly to their email.

Business Address

These days, the trend of operating one’s business from home is quite prevalent. But it is about deciding if you want to use your home address as your business address or not. Forming a business comes with a lot of headache of packing, shipping and tracking your mails even if you work from home. You also are exposing your personal address to your customers and third parties, which may be a personal risk and not look very professional. Having a separate business address allows you to eliminate this risk, while allowing all your mail nicely organized and kept in one place.

A business address also allows you to choose your location for your business, and adding legitimacy for your company in the eyes of your customers. With Startupr’s business address, your company can benefit from a nice location in the heart of Asia. You can use this location for your company cards, invoices, website and business contracts for your company. Your customers can gain confidence knowing that you business is located in a major international city, and not out of someone’s basement. However note that this location cannot be used for lease agreements or proof of residence for bank account opening, as your physical presence is needed for this.

You can find more information about Change of Business Address here.

Startupr is here to provide you with a convenient option of handling your mails and incorporating your business in Hong Kong with much ease. You can choose us for your business address and dealing with your company mail and location of your company. We can scan and send a copy to your email or post your mail to nearly anywhere in the world.

We believe in no surprises as our pricing is simple and straightforward.

Mail Forwarding Service

Mail forwarding is hassle-free method for receiving mail used by most of the businesses to handle their paper mail. The company receives its business mail to its business address, whether it be mail from the bank, business partners or third parties, and can be forwarded to nearly any desired location in the world. This ensures you know exactly when you receive any mail, and can access important documents instantly.

This service is especially important for business travelers, which may not be able to receive mail at their home or access to these anytime. You are offered the options for scheduling your mail out, whether daily, weekly or monthly. You even get the choice of giving us the authority of scanning and sending your mail or not. You will also be notified after we have sent you your mail.

Startupr provides mail forwarding in Hong Kong for the clients who are looking for a trustworthy service provider that can let them access their mails online timely. You get notifications via email every time the company will receive your mail.

Mail forwarding through our Backoffice System

We have upgraded the way companies handle mail, with our newest Backoffice software system!

Once mail is received for your company, you are immediately informed that you have received mail, and what type of mail it is. You won’t be waiting days on end wondering if your documents have been sent correctly. Our pricing is genuine and it won’t change with time, so you can confidently choose us for your business address and mail forward provider.

You can then choose to scan, send, or dispose of this mail entirely through our online system, and according to your own schedule. We don’t charge anything for secure shredding of your mail, if you choose not to keep the physical copy. These documents will then be saved online, for your easy viewing and reference for later. You are able to download the documents, or keep them on the system for later.

Our system also shows how many documents you have received, mailing history, and how much credit is left in your account. Once the mail has accumulated, you can choose to send this at once to you, if you want the physical mail. Unlike other service providers, our clients can hold onto their documents at our office location for up to 60 days before we dispose of them. That leaves you plenty of time to collect the mail, and decide later if you would like to keep them for later, or dispose of them using our free secure shredding.

You can set up a business address and mail forwarding all on your own.

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How does it work?

You can choose Startupr’s address as your own business address & mail forwarding in Hong Kong. Follow these simple steps to gain access to a desired location for your business.

  1. Choose our address as your business address by filling a simple form same on our website or through our online Backoffice system with your account. We will then help you in dealing with your business address and mail.
  2. Your mail will be received and we will notify you via email and on our online system, every time we receive it.
  3. You can schedule your mail out or to scan and email it to you. Depending on that, we will forward your mails to you daily, weekly or monthly.
  4. You will receive notifications once your mail has been sent.

Mailing & Courier Services

Mail forwarding in Hong Kong for the formation of business was never this easy. You only have to concentrate on your business, and we will take care of the mail forwarding. You are given options to choose how you wish to receive your mails. You can select the most suitable one for you out of the following:

  • Standard post (no tracking information),
  • Hong Kong registered post, or
  • DHL (courier)


After we receive your mails in the form of documents, packages, and letters in your mailbox, we scan them and send to you via email in the form of a PDF file. You can see what type of file it is, and which party sent it, before you decide to scan it or forward it to your address. You are not required to pay any extra postage charges or wait on mailing time. You can choose whether to scan case by case or automatically when your mail is received. Depending on that, we will scan your received letter and it will be uploaded to your account and sent directly to your registered email address.

Fees (Mail Forwarding & Scanning)

Our services are best suited to the ones who are willing to establish their business in Hong Kong but don’t have a registered business address. You can choose the most suitable option for you from the prices below:

  • Mail Forwarding plan – $380 USD
  • Regular Mail – $25 USD
  • DHL courier fees – $95 USD
  • Scanning & e-mailing
    • to scan a 1-10 page piece of mail – $1 USD
    • to scan a 11-20 page piece of mail – $2 USD
    • to scan a 21-30 page piece of mail – $3 USD

Our Mail forwarding service starts at $380 USD per year, with a minimal credit of $ 95 USD.

It is an easy-to-pay cost that will sort your paper mails in best manner. On receiving your mails, we will notify you via emails. You can even choose if you want us to scan your mails or not. Depending on that, your mail will be safely delivered to you every single time.

We believe at Startupr that every startup deserves a good business location to build up their company, and have easy access to their mail. This is achieved through our superior software system, and dedicated staff to deliver fast and high quality services to our clients at a reasonable price. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and let us take care of your company address and mail forwarding?

Order – Mail Forwarding

Conditions: Please note if you set up the company with Startupr, you are provided a registered address, but the Company’s Secretary’s registered address does not automatically thereby become your company’s “business address”. Unless you have specifically engaged us to forward your company mail (other than government communications as above), and proper paperwork is filed, the Startupr address may not be used as your business address.