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Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong

Are you tired of mail piling up at your home, which you later on misplace, or find some important documents missing?

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Are you tired of mail piling up at your home, which you later on misplace, or find some important documents missing? That is where mail forwarding comes in. With the help of mail forwarding, you can have all your mails securely stored and even sorted properly with the help of an organization that offers this service to you. And with this, if your startup does not have a permanent location, you would easily have all that sorted at the backend and wouldn’t lose any important paper or have them stacking up at your home.

For companies within and outside the Hong Kong, mail forwarding provides your business opportunities for a more global reach while keeping your business dealings separate from your personal life. Companies, both large and small operate all over the world. Most individuals have the concept that successful companies only work in large cities, such as New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Whether you are conducting a business out of your home or a storefront location, you may find it difficult to attract new customers. To combat this problem, you should consider what a mail forwarding service can do for you.

Mail Forwarding offers a more formal address that gives your business a higher level of respect, reputation, and exposure. From the perspective of your clients, which company would you trust more, a business that has someone’s home address or an office that is located in a business district? Of course, the likely answer is to trust a company that is located in a more popular business area!

Your preferred mail forwarding address can give your business a more positive image that’s critical in gaining the trust of your target clients. For sure you don’t want to get the services of a government owned forwarding service because it can take time and it can create a lot of hassle when you get your mail. A private company can be your best option to do it for you. But first you should be aware of what Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong means and how it works.

So, What Is Mail Forwarding?

Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong is an effortless practice for receiving mail by most of the business to manage their paper mail. The company immediately receives its business mail at its place of work, whether it be a mail from the bank, business accomplice or outsiders, and can be forwarded to any desired location in the world. Moreover, it assures that you know exactly when you get any mail in a flash.

This service is especially meant for business travelers who might not be able to get mail at their home or who don’t have access to these anytime. It is the best that you are being offered i.e., the option of scheduling your mail out, whether daily, weekly or monthly. You even get the choice of providing us with the authority of scanning and sending your mail or not. You will also be notified of the mail that has been sent to your mail.

We at Startupr offer Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong for the clients who are seeking a trustworthy service provider that lets you access your mail online anytime. You will get the notifications via email the moment company gets your mail.

Mail forwarding occurs worldwide. It is used as a service to transfer mail from an old address to a new address or to get one’s mail at their desired location. An example of this is when international customers use mail forwarding as a means to get items purchased online from Hong Kong stores shipped to their overseas addresses, or in the case of residents who are living temporarily overseas, such as with Ex-patriates, exchange students, extensive tourists or military personnel.

Who Offers It?

Mail forwarding companies. You can find Startupr online. Startupr is one of the leading companies which offers exceptional Mail Forwarding Services in Hong Kong.

Our services are best suited to you if you are willing to establish your business in Hong Kong and don’t already have a registered business address. You can choose the most suitable option for you from the prices below:

  • Mail Forwarding plan – USD 380
  • Regular Mail – USD 25
  • DHL courier fees – USD 115
  • Scanning & e-mailing from $1 USD

Mail forwarding service starts at USD 380 per year, with a minimum credit of USD 115.

It is an easy-to-pay cost that will sort your paper mails in the best manner. On receiving your mail, we will notify you via email. You can choose if you want it scanned or not. Depending on that, your mail will be safely delivered to you every single time.

Order – Mail Forwarding

Backoffice Software System

Also, we offer clients our Backoffice Software System, which keeps track of your mail. Once you receive the mail for your company, you will be immediately informed about the mail and the type of mail that is received. You won’t have to wait longer wondering if your mail has been received. We offer genuine pricing that won’t change with time, so you can choose us confidently for your business address and mail forward provider.

Our Backoffice Software also lets you see how many documents or files you have received. This includes the mailing history and how much credit is left in your account.

Once the mail is received, you can choose to send this to you, if you need the physical mail. Moreover, our customers can hold onto their essential documents at our office area for up to 60 days before we discard them. That offers you a lot of time to gather the mail, and choose later if you might want to send at one time or discard them utilizing our free secure destroying.

You can also choose to set up a business and mail forwarding all on your own.

How Does It Work?

  • The customer gives legal permission (this is done simply by completing a short form) for the forwarding company to receive their mail. Upon receipt, the company contacts the client to inform them when they receive any mail. When the customer is ready to receive their mail, an invoice is prepared and given to the customer to pay for the shipping. After that, the company sends the mail to the customer.
  • When you choose a well-reputed company to offer Mail Forwarding services in Hong Kong, you use their official address as your registered company’s address, where all the mail would go. Any mail that your hired company would receive on your behalf would be documented in your account and will be scanned at your request as it is updated into the system.
  • The moment the process gets completed, you would be notified by email. You also have the liberty to choose the mail that you want them to scan and the ones you don’t want them to open. So you have complete control over your mail, and in case of any confidential letters, you can have it sent to you without anyone knowing what’s inside.

To explain further, suppose you want all the mails sent immediately to you email address. For this you have to options to select from:

In case, if you’re going to verify the identity of the sender before the mail is added to the system, each mail that comes in should be scanned automatically and sent to you. Or, you can choose to have a specific number of mails that you want to scan and enter into the system.

Additionally, the plans for re-mailing and scanning services are highly affordable. But, before you get into this, you require a company in a great location like Hong Kong. Hong Kong would be a great place to start a tech-business in the middle of this international city.

What About a Hong Kong Mail Forwarding Address?

The customer is given a Hong Kong forwarding address at his or her request by the company, to use for delivery and receipt of mail. This generally consists of the customer’s name with the forwarding company’s address. However, it becomes important for you to fix what your business address will be, as it will extremely important for your company.

All mail forwarding services should provide you with a mailing address ahead of time. You will want to closely examine this mailing address to ensure that it will accomplish your goal of having a unique and popular business location.

Now let’s come to grips with Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong and how it can help you.

Mail forwarding would help you more than you think and its advantages might surprise you. Choose Mail Forwarding services in Hong Kong to help your business grow.

1. Protects The Privacy Of Your Home

If you have mail sent to your home, you may also have customers or partners visiting on unexpected occasions. Starting a business in Hong Kong means you don’t have to sacrifice your privacy or filling it with the clutter of your work. With the help of Mail Forwarding services in Hong Kong, you would be able to keep your home’s privacy. Moreover, you can effortlessly join bigger business leads if your corporate office address shows that you are in the capital of the city.

2. Change Of Address Not Required

With the help of Mail Forwarding Services in Hong Kong, there is no need to keep changing addresses till you get a permanent office. In fact, you would only need to change addresses once when you add your permanent office address in place of company address (address of that company you would hire for mail forwarding service in Hong Kong).

It’s not good to have a mailbox that would move with you everytime you change locations. This would create confusion for your customers and may drive them away. However, a mail forwarding address would give you a permanent address till you get an office space for your startup.

The mail would also be forwarded to you regardless of your location. What else do you need? Having all the work done in one place without much hassle at an affordable price.

3. Offers A Paperless Environment

Now, with a single click of a mouse, all the paper mail would be managed in an environment-friendly way for your startup business in Hong Kong. Comparatively, if all mail that you receive are kept in piles and spread around the office, you might lose something very important, which will ultimately get you into a lot of mess.

An environment that is chaotic will surely cause misplacements and delays that would negatively affect your business. With every mail sent electronically to you and your clients, issues like these would be gone forever. Therefore, a workplace that is paper free would give you much higher efficiency and a clutter-free environment.

4. Reliable and Faster Customer Response Times

Starting a business in Hong Kong or any other city and handling mail has become more accessible than ever with the digitalization of physical mail. It enables you to access it from your phone or your PC, whenever you want.

And due to this reason, you would be able to manage all the partner and customer emails that are important immediately as they come in. The outcome would mean faster customer response times that leads to much better customer service. And the more customers, more sales, which would eventually lead your business to have a much higher reputation.

5. Provides Complete Security Of The Mail

If you receive a mail and leave it unattended for some time, you may miss some import business mail or information. Implementing or using Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong for your new startup would enable you to get the mail instantly. Additionally, the service is secured with cutting-edge encryption safety, where you would not need to stress over any data leaks as well.

6. Additional Time, Fewer Costs

Suppose you are not ready to check your mail when it comes in. This may direct you to pay a lot of penalties and cause inconveniences for you. Other than this, if you have a mailroom, the hardware required would be expensive and would likewise take up a lot of space.

A digital mailbox would give you an instant mail service. Your mail would be checked and forwarded to you and from that point forward, it can be archived, reused or even destroyed according to your needs. At last, you would have a greatly improved efficiently, more space and more opportunity for beginning your business in Hong Kong and running it easily.

7. Helps In Maintaining A Professional Appearance

There are many startups in Hong Kong that are home-based ones, and these types of businesses wish to build up their company and a reputation in the eyes of their clients.

Incorporating a business in Hong Kong is not an easy task, as customers are always willing to pursue the services of companies that have a physical office address rather than a home-based business, regardless of price. Therefore, you need to play smart by arranging a mail forwarding address for your startup.

After reading all the benefits of Hong Kong Mail Forwarding services you might have understood that you have got nothing to lose. In fact, you earn a lot without having to spend much during the initial days of your startup in Hong Kong. You should be able to find the mail forwarding service that best fits your needs. If you do not already know of a reputable individual or company who offers these services, you can easily find a number of individuals or companies by performing a standard internet search. As long as you choose a professional mail forward service, you and your business should be able to benefit immensely from it.

These are the guidelines on how to find the best mail forwarding service for you. Make sure the company is competitive, credible and they have met your needs. Cut your business rental costs and use a Virtual Office in Hong Kong instead. Order Mail Forwarding now with Startupr.

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