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Startupr Hong Kong Limited
Phone: +852 2661 0847
Phone: +852 6719 9507
Whatsapp: +852 6719 9506


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1705, Strand 50,
50 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong

Startupr will support your business all the way, from inception and registration, to daily operations. Before you even do business with us, you can get free startup formation advice from our blog, including the business registration process and incorporation requirements. Please note that nearly all our services can be initiated online.

It’s easy to start your own business. Being your own boss means freedom. Your first step starts here. We can get your company incorporated within 24 hours.

Our account managers are here to help you with all stages of your businesses. If you have any questions you are free to email our founder. Otherwise, you can contact directly our support at for more information.

Tomas MilarFounder

Tomas Milar is a seasoned expert in company formation, corporate governance, and administration. He’s helped new entrepreneurs start, structure, and run businesses all over the world. His extensive knowledge of offshore banking has proved advantageous to many clients, particularly corporations. After successfully establishing company incorporation businesses in Hong Kong and acquiring IncParadise, Tomas is 100% devoted to building a Neobank for SMEs. The neobank name is Cheqly and can be found at Cheqly is starting in the US and Hong Kong offices that already exist and is planning on expanding to the UK, Europe, Canada & Singapore.

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