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If you are looking for the perfect opportunity in Hong Kong to excel in your career, Startupr would be your best bet.

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Hong Kong is a vibrant, exciting city- a stark contrast between the Western and Asian cultures, yet both cultures make this place a dynamic city. In fact, this city is also known as a place where “East meets West,” reflecting the mixture of the local culture’s Chinese roots with influences from its time managed by the British. So, if you want to make a mark as an entrepreneur or you are looking for the perfect opportunity in Hong Kong to excel in your career, Startupr would be your best bet.


We have been working in this vibrant city since 2002, as one of the leading and trusted 100% online company formation agents. Over the past few years till now, our expert team members have assisted a plethora of business owners in making their dream a reality by converting their ideas to corporate entities. We aim to deliver high-quality services to our clients through our efficient, unique system and thus, we ensure that all our processes are done efficiently and promptly.


We are also pleased to announce that our expert team members are working in various sectors such as Hong Kong company formation, compliance services, virtual office, bookkeeping and accounting services, business address and mail-forwarding services for our clients. We also offer services such as corporate company secretary services so that business owners can operate their businesses legally in the freest economy of Hong Kong.


Expansion of our Business

As a matter of fact, everyone wants to upgrade their business or want to growth in their lives; similarly, we also aim at scaling our business in new locations of the world. By virtue of this, Startupr has acquired IncParadise which is a US-based business incorporation. We currently own offices in Wyoming, and Nevada which are considered the western states in the US. More importantly, we have just opened a new company called Eqvista to cater for company shares management services and company valuation.


There is no denying of the fact that employees are an important part of a company while growing the business. And our team is made up of almost 30 employees who are working in several departments such as IT and marketing, administration, and accounting. Every employee strives to plays their unique role while providing the optimal services to our clients which is key to the success of our business.


Open Positions in Startupr

If you are looking to work in an open and innovative environment with a plethora of excellent opportunities, then you must be happy to know that Startupr is hiring dedicated, determined, multi-tasking, detailed-focused employees. We are pleased to announce that we are hiring for –


  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Company secretary Research
  • Sales & Marketing Assistant


Accounting and Bookkeeping Team

If you are good at accounting and finance, then this is good news and a great opportunity for you. Startupr is hiring people for their accounting team. Our accounting team is one of the best teams in our organization that helps in solving the business accounting issues, tax problems, and annual filing of our company’s finances. In fact, they work very closely with the clients in order to help them manage their bookkeeping and accounting, file their tax returns, and update all their annual filings.


Company Secretary

The second vacancy is for a company secretary. If you qualify for this position, bring your passion, and your aspiration to Startupr and we will show you diverse career growth opportunities especially in the secretarial career. Our company secretaries have several experiences in the field of secretarial services and company formation.


To be more precise, they are all well experienced and have a vast knowledge of corporate laws and regulations to grow the business and be in good standing with the government. Thus, eventually we can provide a full range of specialized corporate secretarial services to our clients.


IT & Marketing & Sales

Our next vacancy in Startupr is for research and online marketing. We are looking for a great team of talented and creative IT, marketing and sales experts.


Individuals who are well versed in research and who can make our online back office system and websites the optimal in the business industry.In fact, our business development and marketing team are always focused on getting our business name out to the right person at the right time so that we can be a step ahead of our competitors.


Startupr, thus welcomes and attracts highly-motivated, and talented people from a wide range of disciplines to develop their long-term career with the company.





Startupr Hong Kong Limited founded in Hong Kong.

Startupr history

We developed an unique online system for the company registration in Hong Kong.

Startupr history

Startupr is one of the top 10 fast-growing startups by Hong Kong Business Magazine.

Startupr history

We were able to successfully expand our services to other Asian and European countries.

Startupr history

Startupr became one of the most trusted and best incorporation service providers in Hong Kong.

Startupr history

We improved our services and hard working on customer support.

Startupr history

Startupr acquired IncParadise – a US-based incorporation service provider.

Startupr history

We developed a online back office system to manage corporate services.

Startupr history

We have made all our services available through our online software.

Startupr history

We expanded our services and improved processes to reflect the current trends in for businesses.

Startupr history

We are constantly working to improve our services and additional banking services.

Startupr history

Our Mission & Vision

After understanding the history of our company, you must be thinking about our objective. For example, on what factors we are focusing? Well, our objective is to assist business owners or entrepreneurs to make the process of their business more straightforward.

Startupr Back Office System - Dashboard
Startupr Back Office System – Dashboard

In order to reach that goal, we have built one of the most efficient technologies and convenient online systems for entrepreneurs that would not only help in registering their Hong Kong companies faster, but will also support business people in maintaining their businesses more comfortably.


To be more precise, our reliable, and unique same day online system is specially designed for swift incorporation. Thus, if you want to incorporate your business as soon as possible and without any legal system problems, then Startupr would be your best choice.


When you submit your application to us, our system will review and edit all the entered information on the same day of your submission. We will then send this data to the Hong Kong Registry to further submit to the Hong Kong government. More importantly, we are always looking to do the right things at the right time, so we are continually upgrading our back office system through research in order to sustain our position in the competitive Hong Kong market. With the help of our developed Back office system that will let business owners manage and control the details and online filings of their business we are able to achieve this feat.


Thus, you must be thinking about the reason for our Back office system, and why we are focusing on this aspect? Well, our aim to upgrade our back office system is to streamline the processes between us, as company secretary for business owners and the business owners themselves. Below are some of the significant features of our new back office system.


  • It stores and manages the company’s documents online.
  • It is 100% Secure – We care about your privacy and data security.
  • It provides experienced customer support assistance.
  • It submits your online applications in minutes & registers your Hong Kong company.
  • It allows for easy ordering and secure payment system.
  • It is trusted by thousands of business owners from around the world.
  • It views and manages annual business filings.
  • It provides clear step-by-step instructions for every process.
  • It allows you to access your account from anywhere – on any devices.


Shares management system- Eqvista

Not only we are focusing on our back office system, but we have also developed a new shares management system named Eqvista. We always want to offer high-quality services to our clients so that they can operate their businesses legally and make their business processes more comfortable.


Premised on this, we have come up with the idea of this new sophisticated equity management software that will allow business entities, company shareholders, and investors to track and make intelligent decisions about their companies equity. More importantly, our entire software is FREE-OF-CHARGE with no subscription fees. So if you are keen to know more about this unique software management system, then below are some of its main features that you should know.

  • Creates 409a Valuation reports
  • Issues electronic shares to founders, investors, and employees.
  • Registers your new company – Everything online.
  • Provides professional customer support and assistance.
  • Manages your Cap Table effectively with real-time updates and analysis.
  • Analyzes your current business financial models and makes the plan for future rounds.
  • Provides easy share access for others to view on the platform or download to view offline.
  • Ensures that all your business data is 100% secured.


For more information about this software, visit


Eqvista - Dashboard
                                  Eqvista – Dashboard

Our Team

Startupr is made up of talented accountants, an administrative assistant, a marketing specialist, and bookkeepers. All our staff are dedicated to work and believe in using their industrial experiences and knowledge in corporate services to help every entrepreneur set up their firm and also assist them in running their businesses smoothly. All these are accomplished under the supervision of Tomas Milar, CEO, and Founder of Startupr Hong Kong Limited company.

What our Team Says!

Allen Fung | Accountant


Allen says, that after working as an accountant at Startupr for two years, he has enjoyed every minute of his life. In fact, he started believing that everyone should understand how really precious the time they are spending, whether it’s at work or with their family members is. At Startupr, he has personally experienced these thoughts and ideas and they have helped him exhibit various sets of traits that foster excellence, productivity, and camaraderie in his work environment.


Allen thinks that our working environment is brilliant, all employees communicate in a cards-on-the-table manner, and help each other while solving difficulties in a positive way. He says, the best part about doing this job in this unique place is that everyone listens to their feedback as an opportunity for growth. This is evident in the can-do attitudes, going-the-extra-mile attitudes and win-win attitudes that are present in the company. So, because of these thoughts and work culture, Allen loves working here and do hope Startupr will get better and more energetic in the future.

Feedback from Our Clients

By the grace of God, we are delighted to say that we are fortunate to have assisted a plethora of entrepreneurs in setting up their business entities and offshore businesses in Hong Kong. In fact, we understand that every business is unique and has different requirements while registering or scaling in the competitive business world. Therefore, we always try to provide a customized solution to meet our client’s long-term business goals. Below are a few Google reviews from some of our happy clients.


”I wanted to form a company around my interests. Startupr showed up in many of my searches for companies who can help me start a company. As soon as I wrote to them, the support I received from the team at Startupr made every step clear, helping me to make decisions. I incorporated my company within weeks of contacting them.”


Aloha Lavina

”It really is that easy! Startupr has looked after my company for the past 3 years since they helped incorporate it, and I have not had to worry about registration, accounts & auditing, tax filing, etc. Their prompt, friendly and efficient service leaves me free to run the business, knowing the company is in safe hands.”



Richard Dodd

”I just used the services of STARTUPR for company registration and also for bank account opening and i would like to thank Patty and Elslie for their outstanding support with the company setup. They are very professional and their response is quite impressive. I would definitely recommend you guys!! keep it up!”



Arun Gopakumar

Interested in Joining Our Team?

We are currently serving thousands of clients all around the Middle East, Asia, and European countries. So if you want to work in one of the fastest growing companies in Hong Kong, then head to Startupr. We are offering you a chance to join our growing team. There is no denying the fact that our staff are our greatest assets and we are warmly welcoming you to join our talented team members.


We are proud to have an equal opportunity workplace in which we offer a plethora of great opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Would you like to be a part of this amazing team? If yes, then share your CV or your LinkedIn profile with us so we can learn more about you. Everyone would have a fair chance, and each application would be considered equally.