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Change of Business Address

Get proper information about the filing of Notification of Change of Business Address.

Order – Change of Business Address

In Hong Kong, every private limited company needs to have a registered office so that government authorities can get in contact with, especially for notice and correspondence, and some occasions, on-site inspection.

If you operate a business in Hong Kong, and you want to change the business address of your business. This article is to share with you some commonly neglected but quite essential matters which are connected to the change of address and how you can do it right to avoid the adverse consequences by getting proper information about the filing of Notification of Change of Business Address.

Change of Registered Address

If you need to change the registered address or have already changed the registered address of your business, then you must notify the Companies Registry (CR) in writing within one month of the change. In your notification, you should specify the company number, new business address and the effective date for the change of registered address by completing the form NR1.

Change of Business Location

If you only want to change the business location (not changing the registered address for government correspondence) to show the business registration certificate in your office / shop, You may furnish the details on the form IRC 3111A with the Business Registration Office, Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Also, you may be asked to provide address proof like a copy of tenancy agreement or a recent utility bill for verification.

Professional Help!

Well, this is all about the filing of Filing IRC3111A form – Notification of Change of Business Address that you need to know before entering the market or while running a business in Hong Kong.

So, here you would need to have professionals as your back who can assist you in every step while doing the business.

Startupr will help you to remain abreast of all the important and upcoming information. Filing IRC3111A will only update the business address and BRC. So the clients are required to keep the BRC in their Hong Kong office. Since all the government mails delivered in the registered business address of Hong Kong which com sec will assist to manage the government mails and request promptly and properly.

Order – Change of Business Address