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Notarizing Documents in Hong Kong

Wondering about getting your documents notarized in Hong Kong?

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While doing business in Hong Kong, there comes a time when you need your documents legally authenticated. They may be notarized by a Notary Public or apostilled by the Hong Kong Court.

We, at Startupr, can help you in getting your documents notarized in Hong Kong. Our experienced and professional representatives would be happy to serve you and your business no matter what circumstances your business is in.

Notary Public in Hong Kong – Notarization in Hong Kong

There are two ways in which a document can be authenticated. One is to go through a Notary Public to notarize, the other is to apostille with a seal from the High Court. To help you understand the Notarization process in Hong Kong, and the specific documents required , this article has been specially prepared for you.

What is the Notarization of Document?

A notary public signs or issues notarized documents in Hong Kong. Qualified and trained notary public professionals verify the authentication of documents, contracts, and business proceedings. .Authenticated documents received from the notary public are known as “notarized documents”.

In addition to authenticating documents, a notary public could also:

  • Issue a Notarial Certificate
  • Witness the signing of a document
  • Prepare a certified copy of the original document

Note: A Hong Kong Notary Public may not be sufficient for setting up a WOFE in China. Your business would need a specific Chinese Notary rather than a typical notary public to be deemed official in the country. This is a separate process with different requirements.

What is a Notary Public in Hong Kong?

A notary public is an experienced solicitor registered in the Register of Notaries Public at the High Court and can verify the authenticity of business proceedings, contracts, documents, and transactions. This process usually needs proof from the company to identify individuals named in the documents.

A notary public is recognized globally. In fact, Hong Kong has a separate society for the notaries public, commonly known as the Hong Kong Society of Notaries. This society strives to maintain the high standards of work and honorable practice to represent the member’s views and provide services to its members.

Who can notarize documents in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, the process of notarization goes beyond a simple stamp. Here, authorized solicitors act as neutral custodians of document integrity. These legal professionals, duly registered with the relevant authorities, meticulously verify the authenticity of the document you require notarization for. Furthermore, they ensure the signer’s identity is beyond reproach. By performing these crucial checks, they add a vital layer of credibility and trust to your important documents.

Why do you need Notarized documents in Hong Kong?

Companies require notarized documents in Hong Kong when the recipient body, banks and government authorities, ask for them. For many reasons, companies require authentication of their documents such as the sale or purchase of land overseas, marriage, trading business, adoption, or immigration. A notary public helps individuals in the authentication of documents. Below are more ways in which a notary public can help:

  • To verify the Certified copy of a document;
  • To prepare and witness the Powers of Attorney for client’s use overseas.
  • To witness the signature of the person signing in front of a Notary Public.
  • To verify the identity of the person appearing in front of a Notary Public.
  • Most importantly, authentication of documents.

What’s the difference between Notarized and Apostille Document?

An apostille is different from a Notarization by the document’s jurisdiction. Apostilled documents are normally used to verify papers on record to be used in a foreign country. Generally, apostilled documents work in most cases from countries under The Hague Convention. Only the High Court of Hong Kong has the right to issue an Apostille. Apostilles can be obtained on:

  • Public documents that bear the true signature of an official party
  • Documents signed by a notary public or a Commissioner of Oaths in Hong Kong

On the other hand, a notary public, being a certified and trained professional, verifies the authentication of documents. The process of Notarization will usually require proof of identity from the individual on the documents. Getting notarized documents will allow the non-witnessing party to know that the document(s) are legally binding.

How can Startupr help you?

Do you need help getting a document notarized and apostilled? Startupr can help you in getting your documents notarized and apostilled as per your requirements. Simply provide necessary details in the contact form below, and a team member will get back to you with further information. Contact us today!

Pricing of Notarizing Documents by Startupr:

  • Notarized Document$ 300 USD – each page of document
  • Notarial Certificate $ 695 USD – for example bound set of documents (NAR1/NNC1, CI, AA, BRC etc.)

If you want to notarize a bound set of documents for a lower cost, we can help you. Startupr can prepare a notarized cover sheet for a fraction of the costs.

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