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Client testimonials

The pay-off from all the hard work.

Got my business account ;).
Thank your for your help, I’m really pleased on how easy and bullshit free it was thanks to you and your company. I have one qurie, the bank needed a hk mailing address and used the one you put on the form , is that ok? I asked them to minimize the mailing and opened an online service instead so everything can be accessed online.

Take care

Nick | TingTip Limited


Hi Tomas

I met Angie on Monday and got the notarized business documents. Then had appointment with HSBC for establishment of business account.

Everything worked out very well, no problems at all.

Thank you again for your expert assistance, my business is now registered, incorporated and bank account activated.

If I can ask? Can I get some advice about business insurances?

Perhaps I should ask HSBC? Or do you have someone else who can give me some guidance about insurance?

Any help will be appreciated.


Greg Maher
Lucky 8 Racing Limited


I used to remotely incorporate a software company in Hong Kong. Any concern I had was quickly put to rest by Tomas. He quickly responded to each of my many questions before and after incorporation, resulting in an exceptionally simple process. He’s really created an elegant solution for incorporation in Hong Kong.
I’ll certainly use and Tomas for any future incorporations and I’ll certainly be recommending his services to the startup community in Bangkok.
– Robert Oaks, Founder @ Below,, +668.6363.3942


Hi Tomas,

Fantastic news, I am very pleased by how you follow up on your promises and will definitely use your services again and will recommend you to others too, you have my blessing to keep this message as a reference. Again, thank you for your kind, yet very professional attitude and service.

Kind regards



Hey Tomas,

I think everything is set up and working now! Thank you for all your help setting up the company, I will surely be sending people your way.
My credit card is being delivered to the company address next week. Is it possible to have this forwarded on to me in Thailand?
Also, do you have any information on the accounting procedures and what is / isn’t taxed?
i.e, if I pay myself a salary, is it taxable?


Hi Tomas,

Yesterday was a success and the bank account was created.
What are my responsibilities regarding the yearly audit? And can you do it?
Do you offer a mailing address where I can send post and have it scanned to my email?

Kind Regards,Chris


Dear Tomas

You are a genius!! I am so impressed with the service you have given me. I hope there is a place for feedback on your website, I will be very happy to tell others how good your service is.
I am amazed really. I only sent you the documents last weekend and only actioned the money transfer on Monday and already you have processed my application right through to incorporation.
Thank you so much for a brilliant job!
I will be in HKG in about 3 weeks and will manage the opening of a business account with HSBC personally.
Thank you once again, please let me know if you have a customer satisfaction survey that I can complete.
Best regards


Hi, I would like to congratulate Startupr Hong Kong Limited for his great effort and work for helping me to achieve a company and bank account in Hong Kong in a very short space of time . Claris stayed true to his word and did the hard work and gave me his full trust. My being quite reluctant initially in trusting anybody new, Startupr won my trust and kept me informed throughout the whole process, If anybody is looking to work with Startupr I can give you my full backing that he will not let you down.

Rutlands distribution Limited | director


Yes, Tomas,

the account has been opened (no problems whatsoever – thanks to your blog. I had a nice chitchat with the lady), and everything went well as you pointed out in the beginning our cooperation.

Yes, I regret that too, I missed you in the office!

The UAE is in my mind. Though I will start the action sometime between July and the fall this year.

Thx a lot!



We are always happy if we receive positive feedback from our customers:

I’d like to thank tom the team at Startupr for his kind and prompt assistance.
I needed some urgent operations to be made in my company and Startupr was there way past office’s hours to help me on these (I think it was something like 9.30pm on Friday).
I highly recommend working with Startupr as they make everything simple and very clear.

Thomas | Managing Director
Ricecake 40 Limited


Well, we work in VoIP business since 2006, it was essential for us to register company in Hong Kong. I was flying to HK to open up a company with another incorporater, however I was told that it’s going to take 10working days, I was quite desperate, then I have found and was told that it could be done at the same day and even the appointment with HSBC in Central Queens road 1. Literary, I got company and bank account at the same day. Why was it that fast? Well, uses the online Company Registry system of HK SAR therefore they are able to set up a company with less then 3 hours. I do confirm that, contact me if you have any doubts!

Vicnesvaran Rajamanikkan | Managing Director


Startupr and Tomas Milar did everything in helping us open our publishing venture in Hong Kong. Amazingly, in less than 3 hours, Startupr registered our company and emailed us the official documents. Tomas’ seasoned advice about this point or that, both before and after, was simply terrific. Startupr’s special arrangement wth a major Hong Kong bank, exclusive for Startupr clients, also opened the door to a multi-currency company account, offering highly advantageous terms and privileges. With so many slick operators and hidden charges in the company registry field, it’s hard to limit the value of direct contact, western understanding, total competence, and unfailing honesty. But that’s what we found with Startupr, at bargain prices.

Managing Director – George O’Connell | Pangolin House Limited


Polters Group Ltd

Fast, Online, it took less than 4hours to get my company. Brilliant startupregistry !!!

Polters Group Ltd is a company selling online advertisement on selected partner servers, webs and portals, which are visited by tens of thousands of people per month. It helps its partners and clients to increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, thereby improving their business.
My ten web budeme měnit, takže si myslím, že to můžeš použít a pak to bude unikátní po redesignu.


Velie Law Firm

Velie Law Firm winner of the 2012 Business Excellence Award for Best Overall Company (less than 10 employees) in North America has teamed with (please feel free to describe further here) to provide expanded legal services to companies and individuals who desire to establish and/or operate companies in the United States.
Velie Law Firm utilizes is American Bar Association award winning website to serve its International clients move people businesses and assets around the world and to deliver the American Dream.
Services include Immigration, legal compliance, drafting organizing documents, buy-sell agreements, mergers and acquisitions, international tax issues, trademark and other intellectual property issues, contract strategy, drafting and negotiation, legal business strategy, litigation support.

Jon Velie
Velie Law Firm
405-821-5959 mobile
405-310-4333 office


Keewire Limited

Keewire is a dynamic company specialised in new Technologies. Our members are digital nomads, coming from all over the world.
Our mission is to help and assist you through all your IT and internet needs.

I came accross Startupr services through a google search and i have to say it’s the best service ever. Tomas was very patient and helpful.

– He helped me understanding and registrating our company in Hong-Kong.
– He was very patient with me, even after 20+ emails
– He was very clear about the price for the registration
– He pointed me to right direction for getting certified versions of some documents.

Thanks to his honesty, i was able to get a very personalized service, and only pay what i was needing.

I definitely recommend working with Startupr, because they are : low cost company formation provider, efficient, quick and professional.


Europasian Trading & Consulting Corporation Ltd

“Europasian Trading & Consulting Corporation’s core business revolves around fine wine trading and wine export consultancy.

Capitalizing on the founders’ in-depth knowledge of French wine industry and their experience in international business one of our main mid-term objectives is to establish a leading position in prestigious wine property transactions, with a strong focus on business development between France and Asia.”


Lean Startup Machine


I just wanted to reach out to thank you for your energy, passion and hard work in making LSM Prague possible.
Because of your help we were able to connect with over 50 entrepreneurs and energize the local Czech startup community about the lean movement.
You’re contribution was a pivotal part of making this workshop a reality and we definitely couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you so much and I really look forward to connecting with you again in the future.
Benjamin Bratton
Workshop Coordinator, Prague
Lean Startup Machine
Tel: 917-673-7648


Startupr has been a huge help for us last year when we decided to open a company in HK. They basically took care of everythingand guided us through the entire process, step by step. Tomas is a very dilligent and trustable person, always responsive and helpful. We genuinely recommend using Startupr’s service!

Ludovic – CEO | 4GOA Limited