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Hong Kong – World’s best business infrastructure

Hong Kong business infrastructure is dynamic and has promoted economic development to international standards.

Many investors are choosing to set up their business entity overseas, especially in jurisdictions like Hong Kong. But what is it that makes Hong Kong such an attractive place for doing business?

The perfect combination of factors such as strategic location, free-flow of information, free movement of goods, easily accessible license and permits for businesses, unrestricted capital flows, and developed communications has made Hong Kong business infrastructure a leading international market and financial center for many entrepreneurs.

As a matter of fact, high-quality infrastructure is crucial to the efficient operations of any business. Hong Kong business infrastructure is dynamic and has promoted economic development to international standards and ensures enterprises to run their business efficiently. Below are some of the advanced business infrastructure which made Hong Kong one of the best places for operating a company all over the globe.

  • World-class telecommunications and connectivity
  • Seamless transportation networks
  • World-leading air cargo system
  • Economical and convenient local and regional transport
  • World-leading air cargo system.

Hong Kong came in 2nd place in terms of the quality of electric supply and in 1st place regarding mobile telephone subscriptions, according to the World economic report.

Best Place For Commuters

Hong Kong is renowned as one of the best cities to travel around because of the reliable, efficient and very reasonably priced transport options. Approximately ninety percent of the 11.5 million regular commuters tours are on commercially operated trains, ferries, buses, metro, and trams.

Hong Kong business infrastructure offered world-class public transport services, often costing less than US$1 per journey and the cost-effective locations for startups within easy traveling distance for clients and employees. The public transport of Hong Kong also opens up a treasure of choices for families and business people. Taxis in Hong Kong are also prevalent, reasonable and even most of the drivers in Hong Kong public transport speak enough English to get around town.

Shipping Hub & An International Transport

Being strategically situated at the heart of the Asia market, Hong Kong is geographically blessed and has a unique position as ‘The Super Hub’ for the Asia-Pacific region. Natural deepwater ports and the extensive leveraging connectivity provides business people with a perfect regional shipping center platform.

Moreover, unique airport locations and trading history have made Hong Kong business infrastructure serve all the markets in Asia, with competitive and effective warehousing and shipping services, allowing convenient multi-modal transportation options. Hong Kong has also long been one of the world’s leading sea and air cargo hubs, accounting for almost a third of the exports in and out of Mainland China.

Worldwide connectivity

Hong Kong business structure is one of the best place all over the globe for its worldwide connectivity. Being the fifth busiest international airport with 100 airlines servicing over 190 destinations, including major cities in the Middle East, North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and to about 50 destinations in Mainland China, Hong Kong is one of the world’s pre-eminent trading centers.

Hong Kong has always thrived on being connected to anywhere and everywhere that business travelers want to trade. In fact, trade and travel go hand-in-hand, and so the success of Hong Kong has forever been linked to its connectedness to the rest of the world.

State-of-the-art communications

The next thing which made Hong Kong one of the best places for operating business is its excellent telecommunication infrastructure. As a matter of fact, Hong Kong ranked 1st position in terms of International internet bandwidth in Asia and ranked fourth at the Networked Readiness Index according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report.

The telecom infrastructure of Hong Kong allows customers and users to work efficiently and seamlessly even at very reasonable prices. The 3G networks and the broadband covers almost 100 percent of the territory and offering business entities and people with accessible, secure and reliable communications.

Award-winning airport

The international airport of Hong Kong has retained its spot in fifth place in the annual Skytrax rankings of the best terminals. The airport is in operation for 24 hours a day, and is the central hub airport for Cathay Pacific. Being one of the busiest international airports and a hub for many international airports, Hong Kong international Airport also plays a vital role in the local economy employing nearly 65,000 members of staff.


Hong Kong is exceptionally well positioned to continue to develop and strengthen its logistics leadership role, with the help of its competitive advantages, leveraging its strategic location, worldwide connectivity, and business-friendly environment. Along with this, Hong Kong also has many professional agencies that offer the best support services like Startupr. Agencies like these will assist you in all the matters from registering the business to running it smoothly in Hong Kong.