Get a Hong Kong office Adress for your new company

Hong Kong Office Address

Before you start company formation, you need to decide where your business will be based in Hong Kong.   If you prefer, we can arrange for you to use our company address as your own.  Later, you are free to change to another address of your choosing.

Don’t be fooled by companies luring you with lowball pricing, only to increase costs later.  Our pricing’s simple and straighforward, with no surprises. We charge $0 USD for use of our HK office address as your company address, please note that Startupr must be appointed as a company secretary or you can choose Moderate Mail forwarding plan (Business Address $380 USD, per Year + $ 95 USD Credit USD).

Why a Hong Kong Office Address?

The HK Government’s Companies Ordinance requires HK firms to have registered addresses so they may receive mail from business partners and government departments.  If you do not yet have an HK address, for a small annual fee you may enjoy the use of ours.

The address stated in the corporate application form will be the address of the company’s registered office with effect from the date of incorporation, as stated in the company’s Certificate of Incorporation.


Why choose our service?

•          We charge only $225 USD annually (Startupr as company secretary + registered address)

•          Notification about due dates for each entity (e.g. Annual return)

•          Avoid paying late fees with our system for tracking due dates for all your companies

•          E-mail notification about your due dates

•          Our unique SameDay system helps you fill out application forms online, so you can incorporate in hours

*Startupr must be appointed as a company secretary

1.  Company address for New Company

This order form is for:

Every Hong Kong incorporated company is required by the Companies Ordinance to have an HK address.  On the order form, you may select to use our address.   We can also handle the entire post-incorporation process. If you choose to file the paperwork yourself, and merely need to use our address for your company, select accordingly on the order form.  Be advised that any unauthorized use of a company address, including ours, must by law be reported to the Companies Registry of HK SAR.



2. Change of Registered Address

This order form is for:

Companies changing their current Hong Kong Address to ours.


Order Process:

1. Order online

2. We prepare and sign paperwork for the change of the address.  As company director or secretary, you sign the change of address notification form (Companies Ordinance s. 92(3)) form – R1

3. You may sign and mail us the hardcopy form, which we will file upon receipt.  Alternatively, we can change the address online through the Companies Registry.  The choice is yours.

4.  We proceed with your change of address


3. Renewal for Existing Clients

Renew your Registered Agent service here. Existing clients only

You may download free of charge the Notification of Change of Address of Registered Office Form R1:


Frequently Asked Questions about Registered Agent Services

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