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StartupWeekend Partnership

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We are proud to announce a partnership with Startup Weekend, a community organization that aims to educate new entrepreneurs. They have helped educate & inspire over 410K entrepreneurs around the world and have done over 5,200 events in over 1,475 cities.

Learn, Network, Startup

In just 54 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a real company, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, cofounders, and sponsors who are ready to help you get started.

You can find an event on their website.

What can you look forward to from Startupr?

you know that you can incorporate a company in Hong Kong in less than 24 hours? Creating a new company is an important first step to getting your startup off the ground. You can find out about the incorporation process and much more from our presentations on session at the startup events at Startup Weekend.

We will have a lecture on “How to manage company shares”, where we will show how to issue and managing company shares, vesting schedules, CapTable features, authorized shares and other things related to company share management.

Want to learn more?

If you want to find more information, you can check out the Startupregistry main page, which is a great place about starting your business in Hong Kong.