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Company Chop or Company Stamp in Hong Kong – All you need to know

Are you looking for a new company chop, or wondering what it is and where to get it? Or are you having doubts about whether you should order a company chop in Hong Kong or not? This article will clarify all your questions related to the company seal in Hong Kong. Keep on reading for knowledge about the processes. 

Company Chop or Company Stamp in Hong Kong

Company Chop in Hong Kong 

If you are starting a business in Hong Kong, it is important that you get a company chop or a company stamp. It is compulsory in specific jurisdictions and can replace the signature of a chief or legitimate agent to approve and bind a report or an agreement. Applicable laws in Hong Kong on organization hacks/stamps have changed throughout the years. This article elucidates the power of a company stamp in Hong Kong and its importance. It also clarifies that a Company chop/stamp is needed in Hong Kong.

A company Common Seal in Hong Kong makes business documents official and lawfully critical, and it can be used as the authority mark of your organization. The company seal is usually used by organizations that fall within the Common Law Jurisdictions. Apart from Hong Kong, Common Law is popular in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Normal Seal is also usually referred to as the Corporate Seal or Company Seal.

What is a company chop in Hong Kong?

A company chop in Hong Kong is simply an organization’s rubber stamp. The organization’s rubber stamp or organization chop is inked blue or red, and comes in two shapes: rectangle and circle. It bears the organization name and enrollment number in English or Chinese. The rectangular stamps are also referred to as signing chops because of the words “For and on behalf of, (Company Name)” embossed on top of a dotted line in addition to an “Approved Signature” engraved on it. If your Hong Kong organization frequently liaises with organizations in Mainland China for the wellbeing of custom, it is best that you make an organization slash for your organization as they are viewed more favorably there.

What is the company chop/stamp in Hong Kong used for?

A company stamp in Hong Kong is used to stamp every one of the significant archives to signify that these are confirmed by the organization’s top managerial staff or leaders. These documents include offer testaments, worker contracts, minutes of a gathering, and other seller accomplice arrangements.

Is company chop a legal requirement in Hong Kong?

A Common Seal is certifiably not a mandatory requirement for organizations that are consolidated in Hong Kong, since the new Hong Kong Companies Ordinance 2014. Circumstances are different, presently, its utilization is optional.

If you want to know a little more history about it, here are a few specific examples , so you like how much simpler it is to maintain a business in Hong Kong now with a company chop. Under the Old Ordinance, each Hong Kong organization is expected to keep a typical seal with the organization name engraved neatly. It was used to execute deeds, issue share testaments, among others. Since the New Ordinance canceled this prerequisite in 2014, organizations no longer need to use the normal seal. They can assume that they need to. Nobody will stop you. 

The Common Seal must be used on the power of the Directors, and anybody approved by the organization’s Director for signing to arrangements or organization reports. For instance, in the event that an offer certificate is given, the normal seal will be attached to the offer testament by chiefs in the organization as it were.

We propose not buying a Common Seal except if it is composed on your company’s Articles of Association. In the event that you might want to audit your articles of affiliation and alter any arrangements requiring the utilization of Common Seal for execution, we can assist you with this. 

Where do I get a company chop in Hong Kong? 

As there are no official issuers of company chop in Hong Kong, you can plan and make your own particular custom Company chop. You could think of your plan and give your organization details to a rubber stamp creator, who will then, at that point, make it for you on order. This typically requires a couple of days. Then again, you could arrange them on the web. Some web-based stamp creators or stamp producer suppliers will then assist you with making your company stamp in a computerized structure for electronic marks. 

Startupr is one such organization that provides you with a variety of services and offers you a high-quality and unique corporate seal and stamps. You can order the stamps with startupr by filling the order form. As per the availability and other checks, the company takes around 3-5 business days to proceed with your order of a company seal. Once the company seal is ready, the company will notify you and deliver it to your address. Startupr does only offer company seals, but also many other services that could be helpful for your business. Contact the company’s support team today for more information.

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