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Digital Mail Service in Hong Kong

Digital mail service in Hong Kong is one of the best ways to deliver mail from one place to another electronically.

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Smart entrepreneurs tend to focus on working from anywhere at any place. Many entrepreneurs travel a lot and can manage all their services. They can handle all of their work with the help of the latest innovation. They conduct all their business “on the go”. There are many technological innovations that are used to manage their documents.

For any new business, the volume of mail has grown exponentially. There are 100,000 mail or documents for any given month. In the past, this was largely done physically. Now digital mail service in Hong Kong has become a priority for individuals.

Physical mail require higher costs and increased time while offering low security, lack of communication or delay in communication. If it is international, it will take more days to deliver. The best alternative to this is a digital mail service. It dissolves all the disadvantages of physical mail and introduces the new advantages and features of Digital mail. Let us learn more about digital mail service in Hong Kong.

Digital Mail in Hong Kong

Digital mail service in Hong Kong is one of the best ways to deliver mail from one place to another electronically. Digital mail service in Hong Kong is the combination of scanning, transferring, and receiving mail electronically. It is a whole lot better than the traditional method of transferring mail. People can easily retrieve, save, forward, archive, or delete documents with digital mail service in Hong Kong.

It is the newest trend and a more convenient way of handling your paper mail. You are able to keep in contact with your mail, no matter where you are in the world.

What is digital mail?

The moment you combine a hybrid mail service with that of a mail scanning service, that is when you get a digitized mail service or a digital mailroom. The digital mailroom in Hong Kong incorporates a process through which it can convert all incoming mail into a digital form, delivered to the recipient electronically. This kind of mail digitization is also known as the automation of the incoming mail process. It demands the use of document scanning and document capture technology.

This process to capture every document electronically is the most critical phase of the mail scanning service. The method involves an authorized company scanning your paper documents allowing your mail to be received at your virtual mailing address. After the mail is scanned, it can easily be archived over the internet or on cloud-based storage to be recovered whenever required.

With the digital mail process, employees receive an email with a link to the letter’s digital image copy. Users can retrieve, save, forward, archive, or delete the documents, which are available in PDF or TIFF format.

The computerization of all inbound and outbound business or personal mail is done at a digital mail center. Digital mail service in Hong Kong is quite popular among startups and budding businesses. It is not expensive, which is why it is popular. Electronic mail can be managed with ease, leading to business optimization. With a cloud, just about any letter can be accessed.

What are the advantages of digital mail?

Various companies prefer the digital approach because it offers a way to enhance productivity while providing faster access to incoming documents and reducing unwanted mail. There are numerous benefits of having a digital mailbox in Hong Kong. A few of them are mentioned below:

1) Better management of time-sensitive mail

After the mail content is scanned, a Digital mail enables organizations to better meet compliance and administrative requirements by turning an ordinary mail piece into an “accountable” mail piece. Before digital mail, documents with legal or regulatory significance could enter and leave the enterprise without any surviving record. This is because the mail piece was not recorded as received.

In order to deliver accountability, it is essential to have a digital mail service. Features such as categorizing mail, implementing document searches, and generating reports help the company improve its ability to maintain regulatory compliance.

2) Increase productivity and operational excellence

Several essential business benefits can result from a digital process. Digital mail service in Hong Kong enables organizations to merge the incoming mail stream with the digital information/document stream at the earliest point. This service offers a shorter cycle time, higher productivity, lower cost of processing, and active customer service. It also helps lower prices for storing, searching, retrieving, reproducing, and distributing documents. An improved mail center performance; a reduced volume of unwanted/non-essential mail; and greater control and insight into the mail process, including mail volume, type, and recipients.

3) Gain perceptibility into incoming mail volume

Digital mail service in Hong Kong offers organizations visibility into the incoming mail volume. The mail managers have hard data about where mail comes from and how much mail employees or departments receive. Managers can even measure what actions employees take concerning the business or non-business mail. This perceptibility enables smart decision making on how to manage mail processes and costs better.

4) Enhance collaboration with remote or field workers or telecommuters

Services related to the digital mailbox in hong kong allows for more effective collaboration between company headquarters offices and professionals who work remotely. For instance, many construction industry professionals work at construction sites. These individuals are connected in processing subcontractor agreements, invoices, and other documents that might need immediate review and approval.

With the help of a digital mail service, someone at a central office might accumulate a site manager’s mail and forward the mail daily or inform the manager to pick up the mail at the office. The manager then receives a digital image of the document itself and acts on it immediately.

5) High Security

High security is one of the fundamental reasons why existing businesses and startups are opting for digital mail services in Hong Kong. The need for the middleman is eliminated as your mail will be received directly at the business address. It will decrease the risk of any damage or theft. All mail received at the authorized company mailing center will be tagged to the user and stored securely.

Digital mail vs. Traditional mail

Traditional mail, also known as snail mail or postal service, has existed for over a century and is still being used worldwide. The conventional mail system does not have the luxury of getting delivered in seconds and requires physical delivery, which also costs money. The question is, why is digital mail service so popular? The answer to this question lies in the difference and the purpose of digital mail service in Hong Kong.

Below mentioned are the key features of digital mail service in Hong Kong that differ from traditional mail systems.

  • Mail Delivery – Digital mail works excellent for international mail delivery. Usually, international mail has a longer delivery time than local delivery by traditional post unless you are expediting it, which is quite costly. On the contrary, digital mail service in Hong Kong is not expensive. You will receive your mail’s contents over the electronic medium, which is made possible by a mail scanning service that scans the mail content. Therefore, the traditional mail is locally received and electronically sent over to the recipient.
  • Sorting – The process of mail services includes the dispatchment of a document, upon arrival at the registered location, and then it is sorted at an in-house mail center of the company. Then, it is delivered to the respective recipient. This can be a time-consuming process depending on the size of the organization. Once received, the mail is immediately scanned and uploaded to your online account or emailed in a digital mail service process.
  • Discard – One of the significant differences between digital mail and traditional mail is the use of paper. Once regular paper mail is read, it is shredded or sent to waste. Whereas, a mail scanning service is used to scan the content and then email it. This drives less wastage of paper at your office or workplace.
  • Future use – Once you read mail, it is discarded. In case you wanted to retrieve the mail, it would not be possible because it has been shredded. On the contrary, digital mail service in Hong Kong ensures that you can restore mail in a way that it can be recovered at any later date.

Get Advantage of Digital Mail Service from Startupr

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