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Eqvista’s Equity Crowdfunding: Chance to Invest in the Future of Equity Management

Update: After receiving feedback from the advisors, VCs, and the public, Eqvista has decided to close their Reg CF and move on to VC rounds. Eqvista originally had a goal of $5 million as this was the limit for Reg CF. However, as the private equity market is gaining more interest and Eqvista is breaking records month-to-month, they have decided to increase the goal to $10 million. Stay tuned as something amazing is coming!

We are excited to announce that Eqvista, one of the fastest growing equity management platforms in the industry, has launched their equity crowdfunding campaign on Securitize. Through this crowdfunding campaign, Eqvista aims to be the most trusted equity management platform in the market. The campaign will fund Eqvista’s new developments in their cap table management platform, providing better solutions for efficient equity management.

About Eqvista 


Eqvista was launched in 2020 as a founders-funded startup. The team behind Eqvista wanted to create an efficient solution to cap table and equity management. Hence, they worked with their existing clients to provide solutions to the traditional way of managing a cap table. Eqvista strives for their clients’ feedback and suggestions, thus making the platform one of the fastest growing equity management software in the industry.

Services Eqvista offers 

Business owners and shareholders can benefit from using Eqvista’s sophisticated equity management platform. You can manage your company’s cap table, issue shares and options, manage shareholders and ESOPs, and perform financial modeling all in one place. 

Team behind Eqvista 

Eqvista comprises a team of over 20 members across the US, Europe and Asia. This number continues to grow as the company grows. Founded and headed by Tomas Milar, Eqvista has grown to $22.6 billion AUA (Asset Under Administration).

The valuation team is headed by Colin McCrea, a seasoned CVA specializing in waterfall analysis, IP valuation and OPM valuations. He has 7 years of experience in valuation, taxation and audit for SMEs across the US and Asia. He manages the Eqvista valuation team in company valuations, corporate taxation and equity management.

How does Eqvista compare to other equity management platforms available today?

Eqvista’s unique trait is building their platform based on client suggestions and recommendations. The company grew immensely with the support of their clients, enabling them to create big improvements and new features to make managing equity more efficient. Also, as the company was bootstrapped from the beginning, their immense growth was not reliant on outside resources.

Impressive stats around Eqvista’s growth

To give you a good overview of Eqvista’s growth, here’s what they have achieved in a span of a few years since launching their platform:

  • Gained over 8,000 clients and 35,000+ shareholders in 3 years
  • Massive growth rate of 3,400% over 24 months
  • $22.6 billion in client equity under administration with $4.2 billion in assets valued
  • Impressive industry-leading customer retention rate of 83%

What is expected for the future?

Eqvista is looking for new ways to innovate equity management, valuations and company filings for easier business management. The campaign will help in developing new features for the platform, and break into other industries like blockchain and crypto.

Eqvista Equity Crowdfunding 

To achieve their goal, Eqvista has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to give the public first dibs on owning shares of the company. The campaign gives you an amazing opportunity to be part of Eqvista’s success story.

How to invest in Eqvista’s equity crowdfunding

To invest in Eqvista’s equity crowdfunding campaign, you can simply go to the Securitize page to place the amount you want to put in. You fill up a simple form and place your investment. You can put in any amount you wish to invest.

Why should investors consider adding Eqvista to their portfolio?

Eqvista has managed to get a growth rate of over 3.000% in a few years. Additionally, as Eqvista is a bootstrapped startup, equity shares would not be diluted. Investors can take this opportunity to be part of Eqvista’s journey.

Interested in investing in Eqvista?

Investing in Eqvista is an amazing opportunity, and we are thrilled to be a part of their journey, and you can be too! To learn more about the equity crowdfunding campaign and how you can take part, you can visit Eqvista’s Securitize page and understand more about Eqvista’s goals. Be part of an amazing success story!