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Do you have questions about Incorporating?

We have prepared guidelines where you can read more about Incorporating & Our services.

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Free complimentary services

  • Business Tax Consulting
  • E-Company documents (Incorporation documents: Incorporation Form, Business Registration certificate, Article of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Register of Members, Register of Directors, Register of Significant Controllers, Register of Company Secretaries, Organization chart, Share Certificate and Minutes of first meeting)
  • Legal documents (NDA, Partnership Agreement, Employment Agreement, etc.)
  • Compliance alert of your company (Never miss an important filing date again.)
  • Company Compliance Guideline
  • Capitalization Table (Shares management platform)
  • Equity Management Guideline
  • Customer support

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Requirements & Incorporation Process

Basic Requirements of a Hong Kong Private Company:

  1. A minimum of one Director (Any nationality)
  2. A minimum of one Shareholder (Any nationality)
  3. Company Secretary

You can find more information about Requirements at

Documents Required for Application:

  1. You may place your order entirely online at:
  2. Valid Passport for each director, shareholder and Ultimate Beneficial Owner
  3. National identity card or Driving Licence for each director, shareholder and Ultimate Beneficial Owner
  4. Proof of residential address in English (e.g. copies of electricity, water, or phone bills) for each director, shareholder and Ultimate Beneficial Owner
  5. A photo of holding passport which can clearly see the face and passport for each director, shareholder and Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Incorporation Process:

  1. Consultation – briefly describe your business plan so we can recommend what fits your requirements.
  2. Place your order online at:
  3. We review your order and check for completion.
  4. Order Confirmation – if you confirm the order we send you an invoice. Upon payment, your incorporation process begins.
  5. Companies Registry incorporates the company online
  6. We dispatch incorporation and any associated documents directly to your address.
  7. Normally this process takes 3-5 business days. However, with expedited service, we can make your company legally active in as little as 24 hours.

Our Pricing – Hong Kong Company Formation Fees

  • Hong Kong Government Incorporation Fee $ 550 USD (CR Incorporation and IRD – Business License)
  • Startupr Incorporation $ 0 USD (Free of Charge)
  • Registered Address $ 0 USD (Free of Charge)
  • Startupr as an Agent/Company Secretary – $ 285 USD/1 Year
  • Filing of Annual Return and e-Certificate (NAR1) $ 0 USD (Free for the first year)
  • Designated Representative (for Significant Controllers Registers – SCR only) $ 0 USD (Free for the first year)

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All companies incorporated by Startupr are registered online, no green box container will be provided.


  • Certified Copies of Documents – $ 125 USD
  • DHL & Handling Fee – $ 95 USD

Renewal of Hong Kong Limited Companies

Hong Kong Company – Renewal Fees:

  • Registered Address: Free of Charge
  • Startupr as an Agent/Company Secretary: $285 USD/1 Year
  • Designated Representative (for Significant Controllers Registers – SCR only) – $ 45 USD/1 Year
  • Renewal of Business Certificate (Government fees) & Lodgement Fees of the Business License $310 – Government Fees
  • Business Certificate filing: $95 USD
  • AGM: $60 USD
  • Filing of Annual Return and e-Certificate (NAR1) $ 105 USD (Gov. Fees of $ 25 USD included)

Total: $900 USD

Mail forwarding service (Business address service)

When you set up your company with Startupr, you are provided a registered address, for registration of the company and important government mail. However, the Company Secretary’s registered address does not automatically thereby become your company’s “business address”.

If you want to use Startupr’s address for business purposes: invoicing, business cards, email signature, letterhead, website, disclose to any third party – including business commercial or any other government third party (except Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department), receiving business mail, using on any contract or agreement etc., you need to join our Business Address service, also known as Mail Forwarding service.

You will need to apply for Business address plan. Our yearly services fee is below:

  • Business Address $ 380 USD, per Year
  • Mailing Credit 95 USD (25 USD Registered Mail (HK), 1 USD per Scan, DHL 95 USD)

Total: $475 USD

Please see the details on our website at

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Bank Account

Please be aware that Hong Kong banks’ due diligence processes are highly difficult due to stricter requirements. Some of our clients still enjoy successful bank accounts openings.

You may select from the following options:

1. International Bank Account (Online opening)

We strongly recommend opening an international or offshore bank account which will yield you and your business multiple benefits. An offshore bank account can be opened remotely.

  • CIM Banque (Switzerland)
  • ABC Banking (Mauritius)
  • Standard Chartered (Singapore)
  • DBS (Singapore) *
  • OCBC Singapore (Singapore) *

*Due to new COVID-19 traveling restrictions, DBS and OCBC Singapore are allowing video conferencing as an alternative for a physical meeting with a bank officer. Please contact us for further details.

Update on October 2020: CIM Banque has changed their compliance requirements, please contact us at Startupr for more details. We can further assist you if you’re interested in opening a bank account in Singapore.

2. Hong Kong Bank Account

Due to new HK regulations, opening a Hong Kong bank account remotely has become more restricted. Hong Kong banks now follow revised HK Bank Ordinances and Know Your Customers’ obligations, making new bank account openings more difficult.

However, Startupr is in a position to help its clients arrange bank appointments with OCBC Wing Hang, Standard Chartered, HSBC and Bank of China. Kindly see our fee below:

  • Bank Appointment Arrangement for Hong Kong bank – $ 125 USD (1 bank appointment)

Startupr is in a position to introduce its clients to Currenxie Global Account, the new banking solution. Currenxie offers online account opening, multi currency account. Please check here.

You can find more information about Banking Services at

Appointment with Hong Kong Banks at

Advantage of Offshore bank accounts at

For more references about Director’s Duties and Hong Kong’s tax system, please see the these guides & Bank Account Opening Guide:

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