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Benefits of Virtual Offices for Hong Kong Businesses

Read on to explore what virtual offices are, their benefits for Hong Kong companies, and why you should choose one.

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In search of a lightning-fast way to establish a Hong Kong business that satisfies all the company needs to succeed without breaking the bank? The importance of having a business address and professional meeting space for a startup is undeniable. That is why many business owners look for an office space irrespective of their size.

The main aim is to search for an office that offers access to a business address along with the opportunities to grow without spending a fortune. A place that can help you build a professional brand image without the need of leasing an actual office space.

Here the futuristic-sounding and technology-driven virtual office comes in. Instead of appointing a receptionist, buying phones, furniture, and equipment, you can get a virtual office. A virtual office is a turn-key business office that you have been looking for. Read on to explore what virtual offices are, their benefits for Hong Kong companies, and why you should choose one.

Virtual Office for a Hong Kong Business

If you are thinking of setting up a business in Hong Kong, you should be aware of virtual office spaces. A virtual office allows entrepreneurs to set up a business in Hong Kong without being physically present here. Sounds impossible? Well, it isn’t. Nowadays, these are becoming the first choice for SMEs and business ventures that operate primarily in Hong Kong.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a service that facilities businesses to work from anywhere in the world from their computer. It offers an array of business functions such as a business address, fax services, web-hosting services, meeting and conference benefits, answering services, mail services, and courier services to other business ventures.

What’s more, a virtual office will help develop and sustain a professional image in preferred locations without paying rent for an actual physical office space. You can also receive important government mail to your virtual office address. A virtual address is also known as the business address of the company.

If you are looking for a virtual office for your Hong Kong startup, you should consider the following facilities:

  • Corporate mailing address
  • Mail forwarding and courier services
  • Official registered address for government mail (requirement in HK)
  • Video conferencing capabilities
  • Corporate voice mailboxes

A virtual office for small businesses allows you to work wherever you want by using your own devices, while still taking advantage of a professional image that comes with setting up a traditional office.

How virtual offices help your Hong Kong business?

Once you understand the meaning of a virtual office, you need to figure out how they can help your Hong Kong business. Is a virtual office the right choice for your startup?

Creating and maintaining a professional image is an essential attribute for a successful small business. However, opting for a physical office space for your startup can increase your financial burden. The collaborative work environment of a virtual office is different from a traditional office set up, where the office space is equipped, manned, and leased. In fact, if you have a tight budget and still want to set up a business, a virtual office may be your best choice.

They can be used for the company’s official work, such as receiving agreements, invoices, business agreements, and other business mail. These received documents and mail can then be forwarded to you or another address. This service of forwarding mail is called mail forwarding and it often comes with the virtual office service.

If you want to sign up for this service for your Hong Kong company, Startupr can provide a virtual office address along with mail-forwarding services. For more information about our business address and mail forwarding services, visit here!

Top Benefits of Virtual offices for Hong Kong Business

Before deciding to sign up for a virtual office, let’s see the reasons for selecting one instead of working in a traditional office space.

Corporate mailing address

The first and foremost benefit of opting for a virtual office is that it offers a professional mailing address for businesses. Without committing to a lease agreement, you can enjoy a physical office. A virtual office also gives the appearance of working at an office location, even if you are not physically available at that address. In short, this offers administrative relief for the small businesses.

Increased business authority and credibility

Another benefit of a virtual office is the increased business authority and credibility. With this, your business can hire employees from all over the world, and get the work done remotely. It also offers another significant benefit of projecting the company’s availability in multiple locations. This benefit, in turn, offers more credibility to the company.

Flexibility for employees

When staff are allowed to work remotely, they aren’t judged by the time they spend in or out of the office. Instead, while working remotely, the performance graph is checked by a result-based system. As long as the right results are achieved before the deadline, there is no big issue about the working schedule.

And every employee wants to have greater flexibility at work. So, when you choose a virtual office, you are already offering your employees the flexibility of working at any time with the condition to complete the assigned work, which in turn will help to increase their productivity. With the flexibility to work at any time, employees will feel happier, thus producing better results.

Build a global team

Virtual offices also help you build a global team for your business. Your Hong Kong startup can hire staff remotely from any part of the world without any location constraints. To be more precise, you can choose the best possible people to be your employees from around the world rather than only those available near the office.

Lower business costs

If you choose a virtual office, you wouldn’t be required to pay rent or lease a physical office space. It means that you save money by cutting overhead costs. You will not have to think about paying rent, utilities, insurance, office furniture, and hardware & software. If you calculate how much money these elements can add to your budget line, you will see that its a big difference. But with a virtual address, your company would be able to save all this and can invest that money in growing the business instead!

Increase in productivity

In a traditional office space, employees are required to be at their desk during office hours. But just because employees are sitting at their desk doesn’t mean that they are doing productive work for your company. Productivity is all about getting the work done in the defined time frame. When employees of the company are offered more flexibility, they stay happy, which allows them to do their best on their job.

They will be more focused on meeting the desired goal instead of just logging hours. Moreover, you can also boost your employee's morale by staying in touch and offering opportunities to socialize once in a while. It will help increase employees' productivity and set a healthy relationship, which can really benefit your business.

Startupr Provides Virtual Office with Mail Forwarding for Hong Kong Business

This article is all about giving you the insights of the advantages a virtual office can offer for your Hong Kong startup. Having a professional image is a paramount attribute for running a successful startup. Whether you are an expert in accounting, sales rep., or any other business in which brand image is essential, a virtual office may be the best option for you!

If you are looking for virtual spaces in Hong Kong and thinking about opting for mail forwarding services as well, Startupr is here to help. Startupr is dedicated to ensure our clients get the best services. Instead of facing the risk of renting or leasing your own office, you can choose a virtual office address to start your business operations. We will take care of your company address and mail forwarding while letting your business grow. For more information about virtual office spaces and mail forwarding services, contact us today!