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Virtual Office in Hong Kong

Work from anywhere and create a strong corporate image by setting up a Virtual Office in Hong Kong.

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Work from anywhere and create a strong corporate image by setting up a Virtual Office in Hong Kong. Indeed, there are many reasons why foreign companies prefer to open a company in Hong Kong. If you too have decided that you want to set up a Hong Kong company and want to make your way into business, the next question is “what kind of office are you looking for in Hong Kong?” In this article, we are going to explore why you should choose a virtual office over a physical one.

Virtual Office becoming the New Modern Office

Creating a professional image is an important attribute for a successful startup. Whether you are an expert engaged in accounting, law, sales representation or another business in which a professional image is important – a Virtual Office in Hong Kong may be a good fit for you

In today’s modern society, the younger generation also seems to prefer working virtually as they do not have to follow any dress code or traditional working hours. This means greater flexibility. Eventually, this may even lead to better retention of employees as well. This is a win-win situation for the organization and the employees.

When you are working virtually, it means you don’t have to spend time commuting to the office. This decreases vehicle emissions and the use of fuel. It also means you do not have to sit in traffic, and would have more valuable time to work productively. So if you have the option to work virtually, then go for it. Moreover, an organization gets access to global talent when its office is virtual. Employers can hire somebody from Hong Kong or from any part of the world, and this prospective employee can work from his or her place.

In a physical office, human resources management has to handle employment and relations. This means the management has to handle legal issues, taxes, benefits, and other concerns. When employees work virtually, the company may not have to deal with these. The virtual office seems to be the future of businesses. A virtual office space helps in developing business and offers all the advantages of a physical office.

Now, let’s have a look on the benefits of Virtual offices in Hong Kong.

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What Is A Virtual Office and How Can It Help Your Business Succeed?

A virtual office is one that facilitates businesses to work from any location by using a laptop or a cell phone with internet access. It can also provide savings and more flexibility to employees. A virtual office helps in minimizing expenses while the business retains the impression of a traditional office and infrastructure.

Virtual Offices in Hong Kong offer small and medium sized business to benefit from all the services of a prestigious address and support without being in an office space. Professionals can work from home and still have the reputation that only a city center can bring. Research shows that customers expect to see certain aspects of a trustworthy business, and a home or post office address just doesn’t cut it.

A Virtual Office can allow mobile businesses to extend their market into other towns at a minimal expense. It is one of the most crucial element in the success of a business in Hong Kong. Let’s toss around the components of a real opportunity in more detail:

1. Virtual Office in Hong Kong Offers Flexibility Of Staff

Since your staff aren’t chained to a desk in an office, they’re likely to work from home. This means that they can focus more easily on work rather than spending time traveling, and the ability to be flexible means that they’ll feel happier and more productive. For instance, they can attend their kids’ sporting events and still make up for the working, thereby having the best of both worlds. This means employees will be able to achieve a better work-life balance.

2. Ability To Build A Global Team

If you don’t want to be in an office, your Hong Kong company can hire staff working remotely in any country. This means that the labor market becomes a lot deeper and your business can employ the best possible people for the job.

3. Little Or No Commuting

Commuting is a real time-waster and benefits no one except travel and oil companies. If staff is working remotely, then this is time saved that can be used on being productive.

4. Increased Staff Productivity

When staff are working remotely, they’re not judged on when they clock in and out of the office, and instead the focus switches to a results-based system. As long as the right results are gained, and staff complete the projects and tasks assigned to them on time, then there is no problem. The buck stops with them, as they either complete the work or not, and this is easy for management to control by using project-management software like Basecamp. Since they will also be free to be more flexible, they will feel happier and more content in their jobs, and thus producing better results.

5. Lower Business Costs

By not renting (or buying) an office, your company has far lower overhead costs. You will not need to worry about:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Office furniture
  • Hardware & software

Try adding the costs of all of these elements up! And, we are sure that your new company could find a better use for all of that money!

Nowadays, the trend of operating one’s business from home is very common. But it is tied with choosing if you want to use your home as your business address or not. Framing a business accompanies a great deal of pain like packing, tracking and shipping your business mails even if you work from home. You are likewise revealing your personal address to your customers and third parties, which might be risky and not look very professional. Moreover, having a different work locale enables you to dispose of this risk while all your mail is nicely sorted out and put up in one place.

However, the business address also gives you the liberty to choose your location for your business and adding authority for your company in the eyes of your customers. With the help of Startup business address, your company would get the benefit of existing in an excellent location in the heart of Asia. In addition to this, you are liable to use this location for your company cards, website and business contacts and invoices for your company. Eventually, your customers would gain confidence knowing that your business in located in an international city which is not only a major city in the world but one of the most important business hubs.

Note: This location can’t be used for lease agreements or proof of residence for bank account opening as your physical presences are must for this.

The Conclusion

Starting a business in Hong Kong can be difficult, although Hong Kong is a friendly business environment, it is still a foreign country which is different from The West. By choosing a virtual office when registering your Hong Kong company, you are going to benefit from less stress, less expense, less risk, and an easy route to expansion.

As the world’s leading provider of Virtual Offices in Hong, Startupr offers dedicated services to ensure our clients get the best. An office provider will have a space in Hong Kong and rent out virtual spaces in it to Hong Kong companies. Rather than having the risk and expense of renting your own office, this type of setup allows your business to grow while letting you focus on developing your company. The provider could also accept your mail. Perhaps then you would work remotely, for example at home, but still, benefit from having a proper business address.

If you working from home, abroad or another location then virtual office is your perfect solution. For more information on Virtual Office plans and contact us today and give wings to your business with a celebrated Virtual Office address in Hong Kong.

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