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Virtual Office Address to Register Hong Kong Company

Our mail-forwarding service will collect the mail and then ensure that the essential mail is scanned instantly.

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While setting up a company in Hong Kong, business owners have to face many important decisions. They need to have a business plan, keep organized company accounts, complete all the company filings, and look for a place to set up the business. If you rent a place in Hong Kong, your company expenses will also go up with the purchase of desks, computers, electricity, wifi and other office equipment.

Therefore, setting up a traditional office for small businesses can be costly. Here is where Startupr can help by setting up a virtual office address for your Hong Kong company, while also fulfilling the role of a registered address in Hong Kong as required by the HK government.

Hong Kong Office Address

The first thing you will need to set up your company is a business location. However, you will have to invest time and resources to look for the best place that offers the most amount of benefits.

Startupr can help your company by giving our company’s address as your government registered address. With our guidance, all the processes of incorporating your company and getting a registered address for your business can be done hassle-free.

A registered address in Hong Kong is a statutory requirement

As per the Companies Ordinance (CO) in Hong Kong, incorporated companies must have a registered address in Hong Kong. This address will act as the official address for the business to receive all the notices and communication sent by the government. If you want our address to be used as your registered address, you have to hire us as your Company secretary.

Using Home Address as Registered Address

If you reside in Hong Kong, you may be thinking of using your home address as your registered address. Some criteria and regulations need to be completed, and if somehow you failed to meet the conditions, there are chances that your permit to operate the business in Hong Kong can be revoked.

In case you are using a rented residential address as your registered address, you have to make sure that the terms are written in the tenancy agreement. The terms should state that the rented home address can be used as a registered address, and this address is allowed to receive all the communication sent by the government for the business. This is why the Companies Registry strongly advises using a commercial address, not a home address, as the company’s registered address.

Criteria for a registered address

As per the CO, a registered address has to meet the following criteria:

  • It should be a physical address in Hong Kong.
  • It cannot be A P.O. box address.
  • The place should be able to receive all the communication and notices issued by the government.

Disclaimer: Government entities will issue some mail as a reminder for the annual requirements and new initiatives. It would help if you kept an eye on the mail daily so that important information isn’t missed.

People prefer to hire professionals to act as their company secretary and use an office address as their registered address rather than their residential address. And here, Startupr can help. We will provide you a registered address and help you deal with your company’s mail. We can scan and send a copy to your email or post your mail to nearly anywhere in the world.

Business Address vs. Registered Address in Hong Kong

It is mandatory to have a company’s registered address in Hong Kong. However, this doesn’t mean that the company needs to have the same address as their company’s business address where they are operating. Let’s discuss both in detail:

What is the difference between a business address and a registered address?

A business address is used for business matters and is different from a registered address. This address is used for things involving the company such as business contracts, agreements, invoices, and other business-related matters.

This business address will act as the location of the company in Hong Kong. This type of address can be useful for small companies who operate their business from home, but want to use another location as their business address to reduce any potential risks. This address would present a more professional image for the company. Moreover, this address can be useful for mail forwarding, as the documents can be sent to this business address.

On the other hand, a registered address is different, as it is the location to receive important government notices and communication. Under the CO, every company must have a registered address in Hong Kong. This can usually be at the same location as the company secretary for the company.

If you require a business address or a registered address, Startupr can provide an office address located in downtown Hong Kong. We provide business address and mail forwarding services to companies. The company's mail will be received at our address, and you can choose to scan the documents or post them to you.

Virtual Office Address for Registering a Hong Kong Company

The trend of operating your business from home has become more popular these days. But you should consider whether or not you should choose your home as your business address. Setting up your business at your home comes with various tasks such as packing, shipping, and tracking all the mails sent by the government. Moreover, you are exposing all your personal information to third parties and customers, which could increase the risk of people stealing your personal information. However, when you choose a virtual office address for your business, it allows you to eliminate this risk while allowing all your mail nicely organized and kept in one place.

Startupr provides a company address for your new company in Hong Kong

As per the Hong Kong CO, it is a requirement to have a local registered address for companies. You can select Startupr as Company Secretary and can use our company’s address as your registered address. We would also be able to take care of the complete post-incorporation process.

If you want to file all the paperwork by yourself, you only need to mention in the order form that you require the Startupr’s office as your registered address.

Business address and mail forwarding

A business address allows you to choose the best location as per your business requirements in the heart of Asia. This location can be used for your company cards, invoices, website, and business contracts. It will create a professional image in the customer’s eyes.

Note: In general this business address can’t be used for the lease agreement nor for bank account openings.

Mail Forwarding Service

Mail-forwarding is a hassle-free service to receive mail. This service is used by most companies to handle their mail in one place. Our mail-forwarding service will collect the mail and then ensure that the essential mail is scanned instantly.

If your business involves traveling a lot and can’t receive your mail at home, this service would do wonders. If you are looking for a trustworthy service provider for your firm, Startupr’s mail forwarding in Hong Kong can let you access your mail online anytime. You get notifications via email every time the company receives mail.

How does it work?

Businesses can choose Statupr’s address as their business address and can opt for mail forwarding services in Hong Kong. Here are some steps that need to be followed to gain access:

  • File a simple form on our website or through our online system with your account to select Startupr’s address for your business.
  • When we receive the request, we will help to deal with your business address and mail.
  • When we receive mail for your company, we will notify you through email.
  • You can schedule to scan and email your document or post it to your address.
  • You will receive notifications when we send the mail to your address.

Mailing & Courier Services

For business formation, mail forwarding in Hong Kong was never this easy. When you choose Startupr, we will take care of all your important mail while you handle your business operations. We will allow you to choose how to receive your mail. Here are some options that you can choose from:

  • Standard post (no tracking information)
  • Hong Kong-registered post
  • DHL (courier)

Mail Forwarding & Scanning Fees

Startupr’s mail forwarding services are best suited for companies who wish to set up a business in Hong Kong but don’t have a business address. As per your business needs, you can choose the most suitable option from the prices below:

  • Mail Forwarding plan – $380 USD
  • Regular Mail – $25 USD
  • DHL courier fees – $95 USD
  • Scanning & emailing from $1 USD

Our Mail forwarding service starts at $380 USD per year, with a minimal $ 95 USD credit.

Why choose Startupr?

When you weigh the reasons for choosing us as your company secretary and use our company’s address as your business registered address, you will get these benefits.

  • The fees for hiring Startupr as your company secretary and getting access to a registered address is affordable. We charge only $225 per year.
  • We will inform you of every upcoming notification before the due date, such as the annual return, business registration certificate, profits tax returns, etc.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary late filings, our system will help you track the due dates for your company.
  • Our Unique SameDay system will help you file online to get your company incorporated in Hong Kong in less than 24 hours (Certain restrictions apply)
  • And our online system always takes care of all the company details, filing dates, and the mail of your business. So, you can easily track your company details in our software.

Our pricing plans are very straightforward and low. We offer many services for companies, including setting up a registered address, business address, company formation, bank account opening, and others. Contact Startupr today!