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Virtual Office and Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong

This article will inform you about why you ought to pick a virtual office over a physical and what services will help you in getting one.

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Working remotely has become the norm these days. Some employees are forced to work from home due to the global pandemic, with many already doing this before the pandemic.

You can work from anywhere by setting up a virtual office in Hong Kong. There are many reasons why Hong Kong is the chosen place to operate your global business. In addition to having excellent taxation laws and an East-Meets-West culture that allows foreigners to assimilate to the location with little adjustment, Hong Kong has a world-wide reputation for being a major metropolitan city to do international business.

If you want to set up a Hong Kong business, you’re left wondering, “What kind of office are you searching for in Hong Kong?”

This article will inform you about why you ought to pick a virtual office over a physical and what services will help you in getting one. In case you plan to sign up for a virtual office and are confused about it, consider reading this article to get some clarity.

Virtual Office & Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong

Whether you are a specialist occupied with accounting, sales representation, law, or another business, you might need a virtual office in a business landscape that affords you the best taxation rates and a convenient location.

You can enjoy a prestigious business address for your company when you select a representative company that provides a package that includes a virtual address, mail forwarding and courier management. Mail forwarding in Hong Kong allows various businesses to receive their paper mail anywhere in the world. They entrust professionals to receive mail on their behalf, which is then passed onto them by live mail or email. They are immediately informed once the mail is received and delivered to them on the scheduled day.

Virtual Office & Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong

The first thing that comes to mind when opting for a service is its pricing. It may look like an expensive cost for your business at first. However, you’ll learn that you benefit more in the long run. Know where your money goes when you sign up for a Mail Forwarding service.

A virtual office offers a convenient service that enables business owners to efficiently work remotely, giving them a range of business functions accessible through the internet. Even without having the actual space or desks, a virtual office offers entrepreneurs and businesses the many benefits of having physical office space. It might seem unnecessary for some but for many businesses, there are a plethora of reasons to invest in a virtual space.

The virtual office is becoming the new modern office as the younger generation prefers working virtually. You will need a virtual office or a mail forwarding service in Hong Kong when you cannot manage your own mail in a physical space. Having a virtual office and mail forwarding service will provide you a physical address, in a prominent location. You will have the luxury of using this address as your office address where all business-related mail will be delivered.

A virtual address in Hong Kong will definitely increase your brand visibility. In case you are a new business operator, having an address in the area will establish your business in a legitimate office. It doesn’t look professional if you have a residential address as your business address as it can seem like you’re operating out of your own basement. A virtual address in a swanky downtown district gives your business a professional look and helps you attract more clients.

There are plenty of companies that will provide services related to virtual office and mail forwarding in Hong Kong. You must choose the best in the market, as they will handle sensitive information about your company. Startupr provides both virtual office and mail forwarding services in Hong Kong. It has years of experience and is a trusted company when it comes to the security of your company. This service is offered to our existing clients so consider transferring your Company Secretary management to us, and we handle everything from your mandatory government filings to auditing and taxes to your mail. Startupr is a one-stop company formation services company that’ll take care of your company needs from the very start. Simply inquire about the rates and get to know how we can assist you!

Common Virtual Office Services

A virtual office helps the business operator enjoy many benefits of a physical office, even without providing an actual space. Some of the standard virtual office services that you can benefit from are given below:

  • Provide Business Address – Having a business address separate from their home address is the best choice for budding entrepreneurs. It is one opportunity to attract more clients. Not only does this address secure the privacy of your home address, but it also makes the business appear more professional.
  • Mail Forwarding and Mail Scanning – Mail forwarding is the activity used to receive important mail on behalf of the company owner. This service helps you eradicate the problem of misplacing mail when you are not available at the given address. The company you sign up for mail forwarding service from will receive the mail and immediately email you. Once the mail is received, it is scanned and sent to the business operator. The business operator then checks and decides which mail has to be sent to them and when.

Virtual Office & Mail Forwarding Services in Hong Kong Provided by Startupr

Startupr believes that every budding company deserves to have an address in a central business area to build up their company and have easy access to their mail. This is achieved through our excellent software system and dedicated staff to deliver fast and high-quality services to our clients at a fair price. You can take advantage of this opportunity and let us take care of your company address and mail forwarding.

Virtual office and mail forwarding Hong Kong for the formation of business was never this easy. You are allowed to focus on your business, and our company will take care of your mail forwarding. The company will give you options to choose how you wish to receive your mail. You can pick the most proper one for you out of the following:

  • Standard post with no tracking information
  • Hong Kong-registered post
  • DHL delivery

For people who want to form their business in Hong Kong, Startupr’s services are best suited for those who don’t have a registered business address.

Given below is the list of prices offered by Startupr. You can pick the best option for you from the prices below:

  • Mail Forwarding plan – $380 USD
  • Mailing Credit – $115 USD

Using your mailing credit of $115 USD, you choose the method and we deduct the cost from your account:

  • Regular mail – $25
  • DHL courier fees – $115

Scanning & e-mailing

  • for scanning a 1-10 page piece of mail – $1 USD
  • for scanning an 11-20 page piece of mail – $2 USD
  • for scanning a 21-30 page piece of mail – $3 USD

Our Mail forwarding service starts at $380 USD per year and your company must enroll in a Mailing Credit package of $115 USD that should last you an entire year. It’s easy to recharge by adding more funds to your package. We have a full staff checking mail regularly to ensure you receive notifications promptly. The moment our company receives your mail, you are informed via email. You have a decision to receive it by email or mail and then we deduct the amount from your account. Your mail is then delivered in the selected method swiftly and securely.

Our promise is to keep all client information confidential. Contact us if you would like to learn more about this program!