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E-Stamp in Hong Kong: An Efficient Alternative to Physical Stamp

As a company has to take care of the safety and authenticity of the documents, having a company stamp helps them to do so. A company stamp allows the company to maintain its authenticity and also saves time that might get wasted in verification. Physical stamps have been in use for centuries, but with the improvement in technologies, e-stamps are also being used alongside physical stamps for authentication. E-stamping is a method of printing a stamp certificate as an attachment for the official documents of the company. 

With the increasing use of the internet and online services, the demand for e-stamps has grown very fast. E-stamping has experienced a rapid surge in its popularity in the past few years. E-stamping is an efficient alternative for physical company seals in Hong Kong. Company e-stamps in Hong Kong can be extremely helpful for saving time and money for the company as you can print the e-stamp anytime, anywhere you want. Therefore, the need to visit the stamp office and get a physical seal to verify the document gets eliminated. Company e stamp vs physical stamp is a discussion that has been going on for the last few years, but this article will clear all your doubts regarding e-stamps. In this article, you will learn about e-stamps, their benefits over physical stamps, and the steps to use them in detail. 

E-Stamp in Hong Kong

What is a Company E-stamp? 

A digital or electronic version of a stamp is known as an e-stamp or electronic stamp. It is used for the authentication of a legal or financial document.

E-stamps play a vital role in safeguarding the documents of a company and maintaining its originality. E-stamps act as a legal authentication tool for the company and allow the government and other authorities to believe in the legitimacy of the documents. By having an e-stamp attached to the document, the credibility of the documents getting questioned gets reduced.

Moreover, the tamper-evident feature of e-stamps is another key advantage that enhances the security of the company documents because any unauthorized modifications made to the digital seal are easily noticeable. The verifiable nature of e-stamps builds trust and reliability in the transactions and verifications. This helps to create a strong legal framework and reduces the chances of illicit activities and fraud. 

Benefits of Using a Company E-stamp over Physical Stamp

Although physical stamps have been in use for centuries, they have certain limitations, such as forgery, unauthorized stamping, less convenience, and many more. To counter these problems, the best alternative you can use is e-stamps. They offer a multitude of benefits to companies. These benefits are mentioned below. 

1. Enhanced Convenience

The first and foremost benefit of using stamps is that they offer convenience. You are not required to visit the stamp office and pay the stamp duty there if you use an e-stamp. You can just upload the documents electronically, bear the stamp duty online, and get your stamp certificate. You can upload the documents and pay the stamp duty anywhere, at any time you want, thus providing convenience.

2. Environmental Friendliness

Another major benefit of using e-stamps is that they contribute to saving the environment. By using e-stamps, paper consumption is reduced drastically, which is beneficial to the environment. The production of physical stamps requires everything and produces waste, which impacts the environment. E-stamps don’t need to be transported, which contributes to preventing the pollution caused by transportation. 

3. Cost-Effectiveness

E-stamps don’t need to be transported as physical stamps, thus excluding the transportation cost. The production and distribution costs of a physical stamp are also not applicable to e-stamps. This helps to save a lot of charges that might be added while getting a physical stamp. Therefore, getting an e-stamp is far more economical than getting a physical stamp for your company.  

4. Enhanced Security 

E-stamps come with several features that enhance the security of the documents of the company. The security features offered by e-stamps include digital signature, tamper-evident, and encryption. Digital signatures help to verify the legitimacy of the document, tamper-evident assists in identifying the changes made to the stamp and encryption protects the stored information from getting accessed by unauthorized sources. 

How to Use a Company E-stamp?

After you have got all the information regarding e-stamps, the next question that might come to your mind is how to use e-stamps. To use a company e-stamp, firstly, you must purchase the e-stamp from a trusted service provider. You need not go too far in search of a trusted e-stamp provider as Startupregiatry is the most credible service provider that can furnish you with an e-stamp. Startupregistry offers e-stamp services at highly reasonable prices and saves you valuable time. 

Clients can order e-stamps from Startupregistry by visiting the official website of Startupregistry, clicking on the order form and entering the necessary details of the company. You can also contact us directly to get more information about the process. After you have contacted the Startupregistry team and made the payment for the e-stamp, you will receive your e-stamp via email. The digital seal of your company will be shared with you through email to keep it safe from alterations and encryption.

Now that you have received your digital seal, you will have to affix it to the digital document. The steps to affix the e-stamp to your documents are given below. 

  • Access the E-stamp Software – Open the e-stamp software on your device and select and load the digital document on which you want to put the stamp.
  • Choose the E-stamp Option – After you have selected the document and loaded it, you are required to choose the e-stamp or a similar option in the software. 
  • Enter Details – The software will ask you to enter some basic details of the stamp such as date, time and some other information about the e-stamp. 
  • Position the E-stamp – While some software allows you to drag and drop the e-stamp on the document, in some software you will have to place the stamp where you want it on the document. 
  • Apply E-stamp – The last step is to click on the ‘Affix’ button or ‘Apply’ button on the software. The software will send you a message for confirmation and upon confirmation, the e-stamp will be embedded in the digital document. 

Get Your Company E-Stamp from Startupr

E-stamps have gained sudden popularity due to the increased use of the Internet in Hong Kong. E-stamps are a perfect alternative to traditional company stamps as they are beneficial in various ways. They help protect the environment as the need to produce the paper and transport the stamp is excluded by using an e-stamp. Moreover, they are cost-effective and can be uploaded from anywhere you want and at any time. Due to all these perks of e-stamps, replacing traditional stamps with digital company stamps is a pretty good idea. 

If you want to get an e-stamp in Hong Kong, you should trust the best service provider in Hong Kong, Startupr. We’ve thousands of customers and got the results they wished for. Startupr can help you get your company digital stamps effortlessly and by spending a very affordable price. Startupr has simplified the process of obtaining a company e-stamp which saves you time and money. You can visit the service page for more information.