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Mail Forwarding for Expats in Hong Kong

This service will help keep your documents safe in one place without getting lost or stolen.

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Whether you are in Hong Kong as an expat, a digital blogging nomad, or on a travel expedition, one of your main concerns may be, how do I get my mail? What if you have moved to another place? How will you receive all the important mail for your business?

That’s where the concept of mail forwarding for Hong Kong expats comes into the picture. This service will help keep your documents safe in one place without getting lost or stolen.

It is the best way to ensure that you have received your important mail. If you are thinking of opting for mail forwarding services in Hong Kong, this article will help you.

Mail Forwarding for Expats in Hong Kong

Mail forwarding for expats in Hong Kong is a service that was created to help expatriates receive their important mail. When you choose the mail forwarding services from a professional agency like Startupr, we will provide you with a mailing address at an office, not a P.O. box.

This address can be used by business founders to receive, sort, manage, and scan all your important mail. An important aspect of this service is that we always keep a digital record of scanned documents so that you can access mail anytime, anywhere.

We ensure the safety of your mail documents so that the mail will never be lost. Having a concierge mail service like Startupr can make your life much easier while working abroad. You can use the mailing address service in Hong Kong to stay connected to your business and personal contacts.

Hong Kong top expat destination

Living and working in Hong Kong can be both an exciting and a daunting experience. Being a major international financial center, Hong Kong is an important trade and cultural hub.

Hong Kong has also attracted many international businesses, large entertainment centers, financial institutions, industrial factories, and a tourist infrastructure. Being an expat, living in Hong Kong can truly be a life-changing and amazing experience. This city has always been popular among expats from Europe.

Fortunately, its low taxation regime and a high standard of living have lured people from all walks of life. The city’s position as the finance capital of Asia has attracted a significant expat population.

If you are curious to stay in Hong Kong as an expat, below are some key facts about living in Hong Kong that you should be aware of.

  • Hong Kong doesn’t charge any withholding tax on employment income. Therefore taxpayers don’t have to pay hefty taxes for their business activities. But remember that the first installment of the tax paid will have a provisional amount for the next tax year, so you can expect to pay your first tax bill to be very high.
  • You should have a Hong Kong ID card with you all the time.
  • Though Hong Kong is a part of China, you need to have a separate visa to cross the border.
  • Hong Kong has 17 public holidays per year, but it is not carried to Monday if the holiday falls on a Saturday.

What is expat mail forwarding in Hong Kong?

Expat mail forwarding service in Hong Kong is for those living in other countries other than their home country because of work or other residency reasons. If skilled or professional workers want to keep getting their mail from Hong Kong when you are performing your business duties in another country, you should opt for this service. Mail forwarding for expats is a necessity when you want to manage your mail from overseas.

In fact, this service will also ensure that your mail will never get lost because of the digital record of scanned mail documents. You can hire Startupr for your expat mail forwarding service in Hong Kong to make your life much easier to manage mail documents.

Why Do Expats Need Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong?

You will find many entrepreneurs and business owners who have a business in Hong Kong and are either traveling or residing abroad to operate their company.

Expat mail forwarding services are for those people who want to keep track of their business documents anytime, anywhere, without a lot of hassle. This service helps business founders to check their important mail.

The primary need for expat mail forwarding services arises when you are traveling or residing abroad. When you have to move to another place within a short period of time, you need to move your mail address as well.

You can either inform every contact about your new address in this kind of situation, or you can opt for a mail forwarding service that caters to expats. This service would allow you to access all your mail or get your mail at the new address.

When you choose a mail forwarding service for Hong Kong expats, you will be able to:

  • You will get a local street address in Hong Kong and receive mail – When you choose Startupr for the expat mail forwarding service in Hong Kong, you will receive a local real street address, not a P.O. Box. It means that you can receive the mail at this address and share the documents for further business purposes.
  • Received mail will be sent to you via digitally scanned – An email will be sent to notify you about the received mail at your address. In fact, a scan of the envelope will be sent to your cloud account or email registered with the provider.
  • Access to all email, couriers and much more – Being a part of the international business mail forwarding service, all the mail documents will be scanned and stored properly on a secure account so that you can access the document anytime you need. You can also see the mail when it is scanned in Hong Kong. As soon as your mail is opened, we will scan both sides of the pages into your account. You will also get an email notification to login and view your business mail.
  • Unwanted mail will be trashed – When you receive the scanned documents, you can decide whether you want to keep the specific documents or throw them away. You can also choose the option for opening, scanning, and forwarding the important documents to you.

Expat Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong Provided by Startupr

This article is all about expat mail forwarding services in Hong Kong. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, ask Startupr for our expat mail forwarding services. We offer mail forwarding services for clients who are looking for a trustworthy service provider that can let them access their mail entirely online.

You will get notifications via email every time the company receives your mail. We have also updated our BackOffice system to help track your mail, and you can access it from anywhere in the world. We believe at Startupr that every startup deserves a good business location to build up their company, and have easy access to their mail. Contact us today for more details!