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Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong for Temporary Move or Relocation

There are various options and you can take a look at what suits you the best when choosing the right mail forwarding services.

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Regardless of where you are in the world, mail forwarding services in Hong Kong will help handle all your business related mail. To start your business in Hong Kong, you will need a business address to receive business and government mail. In case you do not stay in Hong Kong or you travel often, it is not feasible to rent an office space simply to take care of the mail.

Mail forwarding in Hong Kong is a hassle-free way of receiving mail. An authorized mail forwarding company can receive mail on your behalf. There are various options and you can take a look at what suits you the best when choosing the right mail forwarding services.

Forwarding Mail When You Travel

There are many organizations that provide this in addition to other services related to mailbox rental in Hong Kong. If you’re a digital nomad, jet-setter, or a social media influencer, chances are you require services very different from, say, a businessperson who must have physical office space to run his company. As a result, Startupr can offer regular paper-less mail-forwarding services that allow you to run your operations completely digitally, anywhere.

A virtual mailbox is unique in the sense that entrepreneurs, large and small organizations, and digital companies can all operate wherever they want without missing a single letter. Startupr offers customized mail-forwarding solutions for businesses of all nature and sizes:

  • A virtual office without you having to rent expensive real estate in Hong Kong
  • Mail delivery alongside arranging, checking, and other applicable administration services.

Why forward mail when you temporarily move or relocate?

There is a downside to everything. A significant drawback of traditional mail is where you will receive mail in case you are moving out of the city. There will be times when you will not be available at the registered address. Many essential business-related client mail may get lost or stolen as no one would receive mail on your behalf at the registered address. You need not worry about this problem in case you have a modern mail forwarding system. Therefore, if you are a traveler or fall under such a scenario, the best option is to opt for mail forwarding in Hong Kong for a temporary change of address.

The concept on which mail forwarding works is that all essential mail can be collected at a particular address in your absence and on your behalf. That specific location could be a reliable mail forwarding service such as Startupr. Your mail would then be able to be received carefully. This guarantees that mail and business archives are not lost, taken, or harmed and are securely sent over to you. Depending upon the necessities of your organization, there are a few mail sending alternatives to choose from. Consequently, choosing a mail forwarding company to send your mail will save your time and cash, and your mail will be profoundly secure.

What is mail forwarding in Hong Kong?

As discussed above, mail forwarding for moving in Hong Kong is an easy practice for getting mail for a large portion of businesses to deal with their paper mail. The organization quickly gets its business mail at its work environment, regardless of whether it’d be mail from the bank or another business. It can be sent to any location in the world. Additionally, it guarantees that you instantly know when any mail is received for you.

The mail forwarding service administration is particularly for business people who don’t have the option to get mail at their home. These services offer you the option of planning when to send your mail out, regardless of whether you want to receive it every day, week after week or month to month. You decide to give the company the authority of examining and sending your mail or not. You will be notified of the mail once sent.

We at Startupr offer Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong for customers who are looking for a dependable specialist organization. We let you access your mail online at any time you want. You will be notified through email the moment our organization receives your mail.

Mail forwarding happens worldwide and is utilized to move mail from one location to another. A case of this is when international clients use mail sending as a way to get things bought online from Hong Kong stores dispatched to their locations abroad, or on account of occupants who are living abroad temporarily, for example, with expats, international students, broad travelers or military staff.

Who offers mail forwarding services in Hong Kong?

There are many organizations that offer mail forwarding services in Hong Kong. Startupr is one of the major organizations in Hong Kong which offers outstanding Mail Forwarding Services. Our administration will be the most appropriate for you. On the off chance that you are happy to set up your business in Hong Kong and don’t have a business address, you can pick the most reasonable choice from the costs below:

  • Mail Forwarding plan – USD 380
  • Regular Mail – USD 25
  • DHL courier fees – USD 115
  • Scanning & emailing from $1 USD

It is a simple to-pay cost that will sort your paper mail in the best way. On getting your mail, we will inform you using email. You can choose whether to forward the mail to you or not. Based on that, your mail will be securely delivered to you each time.

Choose how to receive your mail

Once your mail is received, Startupr’s back-office system will immediately notify you. You will be given options on how to receive it. You can choose to have it delivered directly to your door (regardless of where you are) for a fee or scanned electronically and emailed to you in a completely hassle-free paperless transaction. We offer honest pricing that won’t change with time so you can trust and choose us confidently as your business address and mail forward provider.

  • Hong Kong Standard Post – Startupr provides different options for mail delivery to you. We provide standard post service as well. If you choose the standard post, tracking information won’t be provided. It would be delivered straight away to your doorstep as and when according to the due date.
  • Hong Kong Registered Post – Another method is by Hong Kong-registered post. Any letter or document other than a parcel can be registered and posted. The posting process is recorded, and a mark of receipt, mainly the recipient’s signature, is needed upon the delivery.
  • DHL Courier – DHL courier services are another great option to deliver your mail. DHL is a specialist in international and courier delivery services. Their wide range of package and shipping services and they provide you with the tracking information as well.

Use Virtual Address and Mail Forwarding from Startupr

Startupr also offers services like a virtual address in Hong Kong. A virtual address is a physical address situated in a specific location. Organizations or business entrepreneurs can utilize this location for forwarding mail during an important move. A virtual mail address in Hong Kong is given by respectable mail forwarders like Startupr to guarantee you get all your significant mail as scheduled and at a low cost.

We, at Startupr, accept that every business and customer has distinctive mailing needs. The features of our digital mail administration include:

  • You will get a real Hong Kong address where all your mail will be received by experienced staff. This guarantees you don’t need to lease office space and pay for any administrative staff to sort and send mail.
  • You can even plan your mail sending choices i.e, on a week by week or month to month basis so that we can forward your mail.
  • The digital mail administration guarantees all mail received is filtered and registered in the system.
  • You can receive a scanned copy of your letters.
  • Our virtual mail address in Hong Kong guarantees that you will never lose your mail, nor will it be taken or harmed.

Benefits of using our virtual address and mail forwarding services

As mentioned above, mail forwarding in Hong Kong for a temporary or permanent move would help you more than you think, and its advantages might surprise you. Therefore, after reading the benefits stated below, you must choose mail forwarding in Hong Kong during a temporary or permanent move.

  • Ensure the privacy of your home – This mail forwarding option is best to maintain privacy for your home. In case the mail is sent to your home address, you may likewise get some partners visiting unexpectedly, ruining the privacy of your home. With mail-forwarding services, you do not have to sacrifice your privacy and save you from sharing your personal space and time to work.
  • Offers A Paperless Environment – In this modern era, with a click of a mouse, all data can go paperless. Comparatively, if mail you receive is kept in piles and spread around the office, you might lose something significant, which will ultimately get you into a lot of mess. Therefore, every mail will be sent electronically to you, eradicating issues like these forever.
  • Complete security of the mail – When you opt for mail forwarding service in Hong Kong, you can remain tension free as complete security will be there for your mail and no mail goes unattended. Implementing or using Mail Forwarding in Hong Kong for a temporary travel trip of yours, your new startup would instantly enable you to get the mail. The service is also secured with cutting-edge encryption safety, where you would not need to stress over any data leaks as well.
  • Maintains a Professional Appearance – Many startups in Hong Kong are home-based, and these types of businesses wish to build up their company and have a reputation in the eyes of their clients. This wish of theirs is guaranteed in case they use a mail forwarding service.

How does it work?

Choose Startupr’s address as your business address & mail forwarding in Hong Kong. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to gain access to your business’s desired location.

  • Choose our address as your business address just by filling a simple form on our website. You can also opt through our online Backoffice system with your account. We will then assist you in dealing with your new business address and mail.
  • Whenever your mail is received by us, we will inform you via email and on our online system.
  • You can schedule how we send email to you. We can simply forward your mail to you daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Notifications will be sent to you once your mail is sent.

Mail scanning service

After we get your mail as reports, packages, and letters in your mailbox, we check them and ship off to you using email as a PDF record. You can see what kind of paper it is and who has sent it before choosing to scan it or forward it to your location. You are not required to pay any additional postage charges or look out for mailing time. Based on that, we will scan your letter, and it will be transferred to your account and sent to your enlisted email address.

We, at Startupr believe that your company must have a good presence in Hong Kong. Make sure your company is competitive, credible, and outperform.